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Illuminati’s Involvement in the Korean Peninsula

Illuminati’s involvement is deep in the Korean peninsula. Why would this multinational ‘secret’ group have interest in a small divided country in the far east?


As an extension of the Cold war, Illuminati has left an unresolved conflict in Korea in order to provoke World War III at the time of Armageddon. They implanted an extreme ideological confrontation between the two Koreas, caused the Korean War and the 38th parallel division and currently this war is in ‘paused’ state. This has made justification for the United States to be involved in South Korea, building its base in the Korean soil. This has created tension to the neighboring countries- China and Russia- who were previously on the opposite side during the Cold war. After the World War II, Japan’s military became disbanded, but Illuminati made Japan be involved in the Korean peninsula using the sovereignty issue of Dokdo island (Japanese: Takeshima), thus any future provocation may lead this war truly involved with one of the most powerful countries in the world, the World War III.


1. The sovereignty dispute over the Dokdo island (Takeshima)

Dokdo (known to western people as Liancourt Rocks, and Japanese as Takeshima) is a small group of islands in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) that is currently under Korean administration. Located about 220km from mainland Korea and Japan, it has been a regular issue in Japanese politics. The extreme Right-wingers in Japan, controlled by the Illuminati , have constantly argued the sovereignty of Dokdo, provoking tension between the two countries. Most Koreans are willing to protect its island, but Japanese are less interested in this issue. If the Japanese media succeeds in instigating public opinion, the political leaders of Japan will carry out a provocation of Dokdo. Under Illuminati's plan, the United States will then be involved in the Japanese side. This will provoke North Korea and China, thus creating a World War.


2. US Army’s involvement in South Korea

There are 8 U.S. military bases located in South Korea. Most Koreans recognize the U.S. as their ‘friendly partner and a strong ally’ that would protect South Koreans from the communist North. Unfortunately, it is a very foolish delusion. The division of Korea into communist North and democratic South, the Korean war, the economical success and the ‘miracle of Han river’ are nothing more than an elaborate project carefully planned by the Illuminati. Illuminati does not want a ‘cat-fight’ between Koreas: bigger the economy and world power, the greater the involvement with other countries and thus, the bigger impact (and damage to the whole world.)


All of this are planned to furfill their greatest agenda: genocide of the descendants of the ‘Dongyi’


3. Korea, Dongyi people and Christ Michael

Illuminati, the servants of Lucifer, has been waiting for the incarnated God (of Nebadon and Earth), Christ Michael, to come out of the world. Specifically, they wanted to eliminate him before his awakening. Then why did Christ Michael choose Korea and why is Illuminati involved in this small peninsula?


The story goes far back, when Adam and Eve existed. The God-Creator made the first human, Adam, and his genetic characteristics are bestly preserved in the ‘Dongyi’ people, which are currently the ancestors of Koreans.


The history of the world started with the Dongyi people (the Lemurian civilization), and it is to conclude with the Dongyi people.


4. North Korean Leader is a set-up from Illuminati

Can you imagine that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, was a fake set-up by the dark Illuminati? This aggressive leader Kim who made multiple nuclear threats to the world was not the same boy that was living in Switzerland during his adolescent period. Current Kim Jong Un that we see is a ‘fake person’ who was made by the Illuminati. That is why he could brutally kill his elder brother Kim Jung Nam and his uncle, Jang Seung Taek.


There have always been secret operations by the dark Illuminati on the Korean Peninsula (e.g., the assassination of President Park Chung-hee, the Cheonan ship accident), but I would like to briefly introduce what has happened after my awakening.


5. Sinking of Sewol Ferry

One of the most famous and recent secret operations done by the Illuminati is the Sinking of Sewol Ferry, and I call this one of the biggest ‘human sacrifices’ done for the fallen angels to show their allegiance. This parallels the ‘Titanic’ that we know. Instead of a shortage of lifeboats, the majority of the passengers died due to the captain’s words “stay in the ship, do not go out.” Out of 476 passengers and crew, 306 died in the disaster, including around 250 students from one high school. This story was one of the greatest issues that still remains till today, and it resulted in widespread social sadness, anger and political reaction that became the trigger for the impeachment of president Park Geun Hae, the first woman president of Korea.


As the 60 million people of Korea fell into anger and sadness for years, the demons of darkness existing in the dimensional world were able to take enormous amounts of energy at once. The demons of the dimensional world feed on the low-level emotional energy of humans, such as sadness, anger and hatred. Anyone who reads this page will understand the story behind Sewol, and realize that Dark Illuminati has been hiding the truth.

Titled: An unknown airplane that apperared during the sinking of Ferry Sewol, subtitle saying ’a video released by the Coastguard at the time of sinking, passing by the accident ..;


I was in the phase of awakening while this accident happened in 2014. I met the first ‘White-angel-airplane’ 5 monthes later, on November 16th of 2014. As you can see from the excerpt from the online news, there was an airplane flying above the sinking site. I say it is a camouflage of a military transport airplane done by the ‘White-angels’: the Light forces of the Galactic Federation, usually disguised as airplanes.


We have to thoroughly investigate the Sewol Ferry accident because it will be the key to find out the supporters of the Illuminati and the Reptilians who feed on human flesh and blood.


This accident was not supposed to be so tragic: there was enough time to save all of the crew on board. There is nothing more to explain that it was a deliberate massacre, by letting the people be on board and not letting them escape while the ferry sank.


Many Koreans may have heard about the ‘Illuminati card 14.8.’ These are card-shaped images originally posted by an anonymous artist, starting from April 2012 to September 2012. Interestingly, these card-images have been widely known for its prediction of future tragic events in Korea, the most famous being the sinking of Ferry Sewol, impeachment of President Park, and so on. The image and the description of the cards are quite mysterious, because some events cannot be explained by just coincidence.


Declaration: The day of sadness. “We declare the day of sadness. August of 2014, which will occur soon.” Explanation: The actual date of Sewol Ferry accident was April 16th of 2014, which was 2 years after the image was made.


The Morning of a 14 year old. “The kids start their day at the morning. We too.” Explanation: The ferry sank at 8:30 AM , and 250 students of 14 year old high school students were on board.


Order from the shade. “The soldiers give orders while hiding, just like all the enemies” Explanation: The supporters of Illuminati, described as soldiers, received the orders to execute the agenda. There have been reports of the involvement of secret stealth submarine ship from the US navy.
Fog no one knows. “Don’t ask anyone. Don’t try to know it as well. Anyways nobody will know. If a fog comes like a monster, just know that it is the end and act right away.” Explanation: The truth of the Sewol Ferry accident will never be known. Don’t try to find out the truth.
Teachers. “It would be tragic if they cannot protect their students.” Explanation: Indeed teachers had a minimal role in this accident. The symbol for this tragedy is set by Illuminati as yellow. So all kinds of goods from this event were in yellow color just as the picture.


Like the card-pictures above, the Illuminati always foretells the conspiracy they will commit in any way. After execution, they maximize the fear. Fear is greatest when it is anticipated. Thus, repetition of these conspiracies makes people helpless, so that nobody can go against them. Also, fever invoked produces the so-called low-level energy, which is a source for the demons.


Therefore, in case of the Sewol Ferry accident, the theory of human sacrifice is probable, and the dark forces of Illuminati and their puppets will have to be responsible for this.


6. Reptilians feed on human flesh and blood

The murder case by Oh Won Choon (a Korean-Chinese man) was sensational news in Korea in 2012 that anyone may have heard once. He did not just rape, abduct, and kill a woman in her 20s, but also carved her flesh into specific pieces for the purpose of selling it into the market. However, the investigation ended quite simply- he was sentenced to death, and no other further investigation or question was done thereafter. Nobody tried to find out to ‘where’ or to ‘whom’ he was trying to sell nor how many more victims were previously involved and so on. My guess is that there was ‘somebody’ who had ordered to stop any further investigation and close the case soon, so that it did not become a serious issue in Korean society. There is ‘somebody’ who is working behind the scenes, controlling the courts, prosecutors, the police and other government officials.


According to economics, supply depends on the demand. There must be a demand for human flesh, and I believe they are the Reptilians. Reptilians constantly need human flesh and blood in order to maintain the ‘human looks.’ You can think of it as vampires.


I am exposing the true nature of the fallen angels, the reptilians, and the truth about their lineage, the Illuminati. The Republic of Korea is one of the countries where these devil-like Illuminati are secretly involved in the highest ranks of the political power.


This secret can never be kept forever.


All the public needs to know the truth, and we have to remove all these demons in our society. Defeating the Illuminati will be the first thing to do in the eradication of ‘deep-rooted irregularities’ that have prevailed in Korea.


Have you ever thought about the missing children and their whereabouts? Why is this continuously happening around the world? We should not blame the old civilizations that have undergone human scarification, because it is still happening today in our world, somewhere, by the Reptilian Illuminati.


News of Oh Won Choon, titled ’Shocking, a woman in her 20s murdered to provide human flesh’

If the national power is controlled and manipulated by a small number of these Illuminati, we the people must remove these demonic entities and restore the peace, and never let another Sewol Ferry accident or any other human sacrifice to happen again.


7. Genocide of the Descendants of Dongyi


One of the agendas of the Illuminati is the genocide of the Koreans. Koreans were descendants of the Dongyi people, who were peace-lovers, the origin of the Lemurian civilization, and most of all, the followers of Light (also called ‘the people of the Light’)


The Illuminati constantly attempted war using the ‘fake’ Kim Jong Un. It seems that there is much tension and polarity between United States and North Korea over the nuclear weapons, but in reality, they are in cahoots. The purpose of the human clone (the fake) Kim Jong Un is to ignite the nuclear war. If North Korea shoots a nuclear missile to Japan or Guam or nearby country, it would automatically involve the U.S. nuclear weapon, staring the so called nuclear war or World War III.


The Korean peninsula has been in crisis of war many times. One of the recent threat was on August 14th of 2015, where North Korean leader Kim Jung Un tried to start a war from the underground tunnel. The plan was halted by the Angel-corps.


As mentioned before, the Illuminati have been working hard from the start of the Kim Il Sung’s dicatorship in the North, creating underground tunnels. They have been preparing for the Armageddon, the future upcoming war between the Light and the Dark. Many specialists have warned the South Korean government about these tunnels as a threat. However, the high-ranked officials in the Korean military dismissed this issue, and the media did not try to cover the details of it. Now you will understand why this has happened.


8. Domination of the mass media


The majority of the media that you know and that exist on Earth are actually under control by the Illuminati. Any reporter who discloses a fact that is against the Illuminati agenda will get fired, and any fact that may be unfavorable to them cannot be broadcasted on the media. The situation in Korea is similar to other major countries in the world.


9. Multiple attempts of war in Korea, the underground tunnels and earthquakes


Surprisingly, there have been multiple attempts of war in the Korean Peninsula during Park Geun-Hye’s administration (2013-2017.) Those who have been living in Korea may have noticed the increase in frequency of earthquakes, which have never happened before. These earthquakes were actually man-made, and they were related to the underground tunnels built by the North ever since Kim Il Sung, the first leader of North Korea, reigned. You will be surprised that this underground world has been completely militarized, which was planned to serve as a base camp for future wars.


During President’s Park’s administration, Han Seong-joo, a former general, once made a large-scale exposure about the South Korean underground tunnels, but the government and the Ministry of National Defense dismissed these claims as absurd.


I am telling you that there are some faithful members of the Illuminati and those who cooperate with the Dark forces for the purpose of genocide of the Koreans. There is no reason for the servants of darkness to reveal the truth of the tunnels, which would be used later on to furfil their next agenda. With plausible excuses, these supporters of the Darkness will do anything for their power.


On October 5th of 2015, former First lady and wife of President Kim Dae Jung, scheduled a visit to the North. The schedule was suddenly arranged, and only a few people knew the reason. According to Han Seong-ju, a reserve general and underground tunnel expert, noted the return flight number- ‘ZE2815’. His interpretation is that this number represents the ‘second 8.15.’ 8.15 (August 15th) is the date of the Korean Independence Day (from Japan.) North Korean leader Kim Jung Un had once claimed and boasted that he will ‘liberate the South Korean people.’ In other words, he was planning a war, but ultimately failed.


Former First’s lady’s visit to the North was actually planned and arranged by the Illuminati, just like the Korean Illuminati card (the 14.8 card).

The whole Korean peninsula can be said to be fortified with underground tunnels below, and the scale is astonishing enough to build an underground city. I point to the underground tunnels as the hideout for the last rebels of the Annunaki, and I would like to say the technology to build such places were from the Annunakis, the space warriors who once dominated Earth.


I had repeatedly requested the Angel-corps to render the war weapons stockpiled in the underground tunnels. I felt my request was accomplished, and the results were expressed as earthquakes. Even though I came as a human flesh with my limited abilities, my spirit is still Christ Michael, the God of the Angels. This story in details goes like this:


< First attempt of war in 2015>

The corps of heavenly angels hinted to me that there would be a war in the tunnel. On the night of August 13th of 2015 , I went outside after watching a video uploaded by the general reserve Han Seong Ju. I saw multiple flashes of light that were exploding far behind the mountain ridges. These light flashes were actually a warning sign from the angels that represented an imminent war. I prayed to the White-angels, and earnestly asked them to halt the war attempts and also make all of the weapons of mass destruction inside the tunnels as ‘useless. During the prayal, a bright light entered my spiritual eyes and I felt as if the Light forces would help me. As expected, August 14th and 15th (the Independence day of Korea) passed without any trouble.


Actually, the Illuminati had planned for a war in the Korean peninsula in August of 2015. In order to lead to war, there must be a justification for it - losers would have to risk their life, and the sacrifice of soldiers and people is inevitable. There must be a reasonable cause that can be accepted by the public. Even though Illuminati would be sitting at their back and ‘enjoying’ the watch, they have to make plausible reasons and be backed by the public in order to start the conflict.


So what did the Illuminati do to ignite the conflict? On August 4th , a mine explosion incident occurred in the DMZ in Paju, South Korea. The media broadcasted the cause to be from North Korea, but in reality it was the work of the Dark forces of South Korea, the servants of Illuminati.


As planned in the next scenario, South Korea installed loudspeakers against North Korea (August 10th) and started to broadcast criticism against the North. The North got intimidated, warning of an imminent war. Actually, on August 14 to 15th, the secret attempt for an underground war was halted (by the Angel-cops). On August 20th, North Korea opened fire on the guard post, arguing that (S. Korea) kept the tension using the loudspeakers. S. Korean troops fired back, but this did not ignite the war. The Angel-corps became involved, and the fired shells ‘magically’ disappeared. There was some news describing unidentified objects captured in the radar, but the National Defense corrected the report saying it was a mistake. At that time, North Korea was fully prepared for a war, and the U.S. had already sent its troops (with an excuse of South Korea-U.S. Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise) and was in the Korean peninsula before the conflict. Actually, America's military is the most royal to the Illuminati, following and realizing all of the Illuminati’s agenda.


<Second attempt of war in 2015>

An earthquake, magnitude 3.9, occured in Iksan, which is a city in the Southern part of S. Korea on December 22th 2015. 7 days later, news said that Kim Yang-gon, a secretary of the Workers' Party of North Korea and the head of the Unification department was suddenly dead in a car accident. There were rumors of him saying the death was intentional due to his opposition to nuclear weapon development, but the truth is quite different.


Heaven had told me that numerous high-ranked, well trained special forces had been hiding in the underground tunnels in Iksan, while planning for a surprise attack. Because of the earthquake, all of them died, and Kim Yang-gun, the chief of this operation, had to be ‘removed’ so that the secret could be kept. My guess is that these special forces were headed to Jeju Island. Because this story could never be proved, only the dead Kim Yang-gon , the fake dictator Kim or heaven will know the real truth.


<Third attempt of War in 2016>

The third attempt happened in March of 2016. Using the ‘Exercise Key Resolve’(an annual command post exercise that involves 200,000 S. Korean and 29,000 US forces) The U.S. had sent nuclear submarines and nuclear aircraft carriers to the Korean Peninsula. At the same time, the Google DeepMind Challenge Match was suddenly arranged in South Korea, between Lee Sedol and AlphaGo. In addition, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, made a surprise appearance in the Seoul press conference during the challenge, but then visited the DMZ(demilitarized zone) afterwards. His schedule included a visit to the underground tunnel as well. Why did all of this happen at once, and why did the CEO arrange a tour in the middle of the match? Let’s look at the two articles describing the event.


Korean online news titled, &lsquo; Google CEO Schmidt , who brought Alphago, visiting the DMZ during the Challege&rsquo;
English online news describing DMZ and the last sentence describing Schmidt.

The possible reason for this is that the CEO of Google is one of the key members of the dark Illuminati. He came to Korea to trigger the war on the Korean peninsula.


Illuminati have been constantly trying to keep up with the conflict between the North and the South. South Korea has been relying to United States for its support, but you have to understand the hidden scenes behind the curtains, and the real purpose of United States involving in such issues. Although the United States represents democracy, in reality it is a ‘dark’ country dominated exclusively by a small number of Illuminati.


As mentioned previously, I have always asked my angels to actively get involved and stop the conflict between the two Koreas during my meditation and my prayal session.


Now that I know why I was born in Korea and understand my mission on Earth, I have to protect and save Korea from the dark forces. Illuminati has been obsessively involved in the Korean peninsula because it wants to halt the ‘divine intervention of heaven’ through war.


‘Divine intervention’ is the mass landing of the heavenly angels on Earth, which symbolizes the end of the domination of the Dark(a.k.a end of the world) and the start of a new era governed by the divine providence of God-the-Creator.


You may find my assertion absurd indeed, but you will change your mind if you realize the size of the Galactic Federation fleet which is currently camouflaged and concealed outside Earth's atmosphere. There are also dozens of spaceships larger than Earth waiting for ‘the time for divine intervention’ to come. Therefore, nobody can escape this situation, and all of those who fled to Earth will face the consequences.


Illuminati has longly thought of New World Order and one-world-government. Using humans as hostages, they have been preparing for the upcoming Armageddon.


The truth of AlphaGo

Do you think that Alphago exists? I would say ‘no.’

My guess is, another person, probably Demis Hassabis (CEO and co-founder of DeepMind) was the one behind this technology. It is suspected that he had the ability to read all of Sedol's mind, and this mind-reading ability is now an outdated technology. If artificial intelligence really existed, they would have installed a computer that shows how Alphago really works. I know the secrets of this because I had a precognitive dream, and I am uncovering it now.


Lee Se-dol and the CEO of DeepMind, Hassabis

The Google DeepMind Challenge Match between Lee Sedol and Alphago was played in Seoul , South Korea between 9 and 15th of March 2016. On this date, John C. Stennis Strike Group (JCSSG), the centerpiece of the U.S. Navy’s Great Green Fleet (GGF) initiative arrived in Busan, together with other guided-missile destroyers USS.


Few days before the Challenge, on March 8th, a North Korean submersible disappeared, without reporting any reason. Only heaven knows the truth: the submersible mission was to blow up an American ship participating in the Key- Resolve training (an annual command post exercise held by the US Forces Korea and ROK Armed forces) , creating an excuse for war. Thus, Illuminati, together with the ‘fake’ Kim Jong Un have planned for a nuclear war, which ultimately failed.


The name ‘AlphaGo’ contains the impure intentions of the Darks, and represented on its name. As mentioned before, ‘Alpha and Omega’ represents the cycle of yin-yang, where ‘alpha’ represents ‘the end and extinction’ and represented by number 6 and ‘omega’ represents ‘creation and start’, which is expressed as number 9. In other words, the word ‘AlphaGo’ can be interpreted as following:


Alphago = ‘Alpha’ + ‘Go’ = ‘The end and extinction’ + ‘Go (let’s do it)’


So who should be ‘ended’?


The Challenge was held in South Korea, with the highest ranked player Lee Sedol. You can infer that this word was ment to extinct all Koreans (genocide), which is one of the agendas of the Illuminati.


Why do they want to kill Koreans?


Ancient prophecy have previously suggested emergence of a group of people who would follow the Light forces, which will make the end’ to the Dark forces. For Illuminati, these people should be exterminated before their action occurs. The Light-followers were the people of Dongyi, and their descendents are currently the Koreans.


Let’s look at the logo of AlphaGo. You can see the yin-yang(tae-guk in Korean) sign at the middle, blocked by a black stone. Around the yin-yang(tae-guk) lies 6 black and white circles, both with the meaning of ‘the end.’ To summarize, this logo represents the victory of the Dark. Also, let’s think about the developer of AlphaGo, the ‘DeepMind.’ Literally, it means ‘let’s think more thoughtfully.‘

Is this all just a coincidence?


The result of AlphaGo, which was planned by the Illuminati, was an ultimate failure. The Angel-corps had halted its operation, thus no further war had been developed.


Because of its recurrent failures, Illuminati had changed their plans: spread plague and use its fake puppet Kim Jong Un for missile launch and nuclear tests.


The Change of North Korean Leader into the Light

The leader of North Korea. Kim Jong Un, was a ‘fake’ puppet made by the Dark, with the purpose of igniting a future world war and/or nuclear war. I have written the expression ‘was a fake person’ because he is currently replaced by a new person from the Light. After the 6th nuclear test on Sep. 3rd of 2017 and the missile launch 11 days later, the Angel-corps had removed the fake dictator. Then what happened? After the ‘replacement of a new player’ by the Light, the North Korean leader had suddenly changed his character seen from the outside. It may be a little bit hard to understand, because he was not apparently ‘dead.’


After the 5th nuclear test (Sep. 9th of 2016) by North Korea, I have prayed and ordered the Angel-corps to ‘remove anyone who is involved in the nuclear test. 1 year later, the 6th nuclear test was done again, and I warned to my angels as follows:

“why don’t you follow my words? If you do not remove the fake Kim Jong Un, I will do nothing on Earth- forget about salvation or any mission. Why do I need to stay on Earth if nobody is helping me? I am willing to give up my life on Earth if I cannot accomplish my mission. Either choose the fake Kim Jung Un or me!”


Because of my strong declaration, the Angelic army must have been greatly surprised and quite embarrassed. I was depressed, so I did not meditate or pray or do anything until I saw a visible change. Since the heavenly beings can read my mind, they must have recognized the seriousness of the situation. I, Michael, The Son of God, had never failed in any mission during the entire universe's history. After this day, all lights on the mountain ridge at the horizon, which were always on at night (presumably indicating the remaining time) were suddenly turned off. This implied that if I really commit suicide, the world will end right away. It meant the Angel-corps could do the action anytime they wanted.


After my declaration, there were numerous changes in the North. Firstly, the main underground base for North Korea's nuclear test was razed to the ground, many scientists and personnel involved in the nuclear weapons were killed, and ‘fake’ Kim Jong Un and Hwang Byung-seo (North Korean general ranked vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission) That is why the rumors of ‘ghost disease’ have spread, where people living near the nuclear test area have had unexplainable disease, death and birth of anomalies. The Chinese government had sent a delegation to verify this issue, but failed to meet Kim Jung Un.


The Illuminati must be deeply frustrated. Their main puppet they have made (the fake Kin Jung Un) has suddenly been replaced, members comprising the ‘control tower’ have all changed into the people of Light, and the role of South Korean president has become more significant. Once one of their best allies and playing partners, North Korea now became on the opposite side of the dark Illuminati. The Illuminati should quickly realize the situation: the creator of Nebadon Universe is incarnated as a human, watching every move they are making. Now, you should surrender and come out with a white flag obediently.


The latest Aegis aircraft carrier, the McCain, damaged after colliding with a merchant ship


To the American Darkness of Illuminati!

Do you know the reason why such absurd collisional accidents are happening on your high-tech aircraft carriers? I know your true intentions inside those military carriers. Any secret operations you are trying to make will be halted with such absurd accidents. The Angel-corps, the followers of Light, are under my obedience, and they will watch you and interrupt you if you try to do any secret operation with bad intent.



The American and Japanese Illuminati ultimately fear the peaceful unification of both Koreas, after the change of the North into the Light side. So, one of the scenarios they have planned is the war over sovereignty of Dokdo Island. If the conflict between Korea and Japan becomes intense and ultimately involves military conflict, the US Illuminati’s agenda is to involve America on the Japanese side. The Sovereignty issue of Dokdo (Korea vs Japan) and Diaoyu Islands(Sengaku island, Japan vs China) are all intentionally made by the Illuminati for future ignition of a conflict, which would ultimately lead to a war.



Japan’s Fate

The Japanese should be awake. Their leader, a puppet of Illuminati, is leading their people into destruction. Left alone, all Japanese would be doomed just like the Illuminati. Because of the ‘heavy’ karma on Japanese and the country itself, all Japanese should undergo a great moral discovery, and now is the best time to do so. Otherwise, the Japanese will face a tragic future.


Do you know why Japan is involved with multiple natural disasters such as heavy rainfalls or snow falls every year? It is because it is the ‘last’ time.


The negative karma of the state and people must be purified, and these natural disasters are an expression of the judgment of heaven. The karma of Japan comes from the war-criminal state that has betrayed humanity. If there is no self-reflection of the people and the country itself, the future would be doomed with a worse natural disaster.



To the Illuminati:

You will have to help me accomplish my mission faithfully so that I can return to my Nebadon Universe. I can only hope that you will soon realize that your life depends on a very ordinary human being.



The Fine Dust

One of the mysterious phenomena is the fine dust. Lighter than air, these nano-particle sized dust have been covering the sky so we could not see the stars. Nobody has explained why they were made, what their effects are and so on: it is not about the pollution issue. What I can say is that it was intended by the Angel-corps to work on ‘something’ above the atmosphere. Two things that the heavenly being told me were the moon and the spread of the deadly virus by the Dark Illuminati. So, the intention was to firstly cover-up the work of the Angels happening above the atmosphere and second, to halt and purify the virus that was intentionally spread by the Dark Illuminati.


The Darkness have attempted multiple spread of the deadly virus in Korea. One of them is the ‘zombie virus.’ - a virus more stronger than anthrax. It's absurd, but it really happened in the winter of 2016. The Angel-Corps made the rain for three days to neutralize it.

Also, the moon you see today is not the moon you knew in the past. The original moon had been moved to another place with a new ‘owner.’ This moon that we knew was actually a satellite of Maldek, dragged by the Dark space invaders who occupied Atlantis by force in the ancient times. During the galactic wars, Maldek planet was destroyed, becoming an asteroid.


Previously, the Earth had two satellites (two moons). Both were lost during the war between Atlantis and Lemuria, and the Angel-corps recently have recovered it.


The Angel-corps have tried to express the ‘new’ moon in different ways. It showed the moon moving in front of the clouds and it appeared/disappeared according to the signal with a lantern light I was holding.


Moon moving in front of the clouds ( taken on Sep. 17th of 2016, 9:39PM)


Photo taken on November 11th of 2016, 16:53 PM


Original size of a photo taken of the moon, without the sense of perspective

Please read this article!


Now is the time for purification.(exorcism etc)

Now is the time for purification. It has become easy to see ghosts or any paranormal phenomena through internet broadcasting systems such as Youtube. Also, it has been much easier to capture (and record) them and also manipulate them better than the past.


Christ Michael

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