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Angel-Corps of Heaven


Currently my guardians, the Angel-corps (from the Galactic Federation) are waiting outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Also, many of them are hidden around you, working as UFOs and probably watching everything that you are doing.


My first acknowledgement of the Angel-corps was in April of 2014. I found out their existence right after the meeting with Archangel Michael on Sep. 16th of the same year. At that time, I felt there were some ‘beings’ that were constantly observing me.


Before my awakening, I have always noticed some kind of airplanes around the sky whenever I was out. It was an interesting experience, because many places in Korea (especially Seoul) are no-fly zones. After I found out they were ‘fake holographic images’ by the heavenly beings, I started to call them the ‘White Angel Airplanes’ or just simply ‘White Angels.’


There are many Light beings incarnated on Earth. The heavenly beings search those ‘Light messengers’ incarnated on Earth and aid them in their awakening. The Angel corps that are organized by Archangel Michael consist of multiple spacecrafts from each planet in the Galactic Federation. Its official name is ‘The Cross Fleet of Galactic Federation’ and the commander is ‘Ashtar.’


Commander Ashtar

This image drawn looks similar to the Real Ashtar. I met him as a spiritual body on Feb. 28th of 2017. On that date, a green colored, helicopter-shaped UFO landed in my front yard. Two extraterrestrials came out, both wearing dark green soldier hats and uniforms. I greeted them and hugged the one sitting at the cockpit, who I immediately identified as Ashtar. He was tall, with a slightly long angular jaw and overall, handsome-looking man just like this picture. I rode the UFO with them and traveled several countries and saw Earth from the above. Since Ashtar is a being in 6th to 7th dimension, my soul had to be out of the body in order to meet him.

To meet an extraterrestrial, you either have to increase your vibrational energy into a higher dimension (as a spiritual body) or the extraterrestrial has to decrease his/her vibratory energy and come to the material world. Lowering vibrational energy may be dangerous, because the pollution, viruses and so on may infect the extraterrestrial. Therefore most extraterrestrials do not risk their life to come to Earth.


The missions performed on Earth by the Galactic Federation usually involve invisible reconnaissance, transparent UFOs and holograms of airplanes which I call ‘White Angels.’ Any kind of aircraft existing on Earth can be mimicked by these beings, and it is impossible for the human eye to distinguish between the real plane from the holographic one.

When the White-angel-airplane is on a reconnaissance mission, usually a transparent UFO is accompanied and sometimes, huge spaceships may move as a group. When they appear in the non-military zone, they are usually disguised as a commercial airplane. In the military zone, they are usually expressed as military helicopters. Let me show you some examples, the pictures that I took before, for your explanation.

When the White-angel-airplane is on a reconnaissance mission, usually a transparent UFO is accompanied and sometimes, huge spaceships may move as a group. When they appear in the non-military zone, they are usually disguised as a commercial airplane. In the military zone, they are usually expressed as military helicopter. Let me show you some examples, the pictures that I took before, for your explanation.

White angel planes appear on those who are born with a Light mission. However, most humans do not realize their true identity, and most ignore the presence of such holograms.

The Lightworkers


So who are the “Lightworkers?” Lightworkers are beings who help the Earth and humankind to increase their vibratory energy by consciously receiving the higher-vibratory-energy and distributing it to Gaia, the Goddess of Earth and Earthlings.


Humans were originally made to be the manager of Earth and its living creatures. However, as humanity became more corrupted and sinned, they were unable to properly manage the Earth as the God-Creator expected. This is why the Lightworkers came into place. Lightworkers, from the heavenly spirits of Earth, decided to be incarnated in order to save the Earth. One of those is the incarnation of 144,000 ascended masters, the Christs, who came with Jesus 2000 years ago. There are also about 100 million Starseeds, those from the stars in the universe that volunteered in helping Christ Michael. With the help of Lightworkers and Starseeds, The Earth was able to recover and improve its vibration, preparing to enter the 5th dimension.


However, Lucifer and the Dark forces did not want spiritual development to occur on Earth. So they created a matrix in such for any enlightened being incarnated on Earth has to receive a material body (of lower vibratory energy) with a limited conscious capacity (decrease of genetic information into the two-stranded DNA), erase all past memories before being born as a human, receive the human ego and be subordinated to the lower collective unconscious of human. Thus, it became difficult for any enlightened being to accomplish his/her mission. This is why the majority of them still do not know ‘who’ they are, living an ordinary life, undergoing samsara (repetitive cycle reincarnation) without being able to fulfill their mission. Even Elohim, the Creators of Earth, are currently incarnated still many live an ordinary life, without knowing their true identity. This is an example of how the Earth matrix, created by Lucifer , is a cruel system.


I, Christ Michael, came to Earth in order to awaken all the Lightworkers and Starseeds.


I will provide the energy, and make sure all missionaries can recognize their true identity. Currently, strong heavenly-light-energy is being provided to Earth simultaneously, and every enlightened being, including me, is trying to spread this energy to others. Since Lightworkers have a special aura field, the White Angels, or simply UFOs, will identify and appear in front of them in order to draw attention and finally, recognize their true mission on Earth.


The Book of Revelation describes the following:


‘having the seal of the living God ... were sealed twelve thousand.’ (7:2 ~7:8)


‘receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads..
which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.’ (Rev 13:17).

The ‘fake religion’ we are familiar with interpreted this message as ‘the mark of the beast = 666 = Satan and rather misleading the truth, so that humans fear 666, the true God. All of this is a blasphemy and will be punished: their next life will be born as a life on the lowest stage of the food pyramid.


Ascension does not occur in someone with impure conscious thought. I believe that any religion or conviction you have depends on your level of conscious energy. A higher-level conscious person never resorts to religion. This is because they have an attitude of taking responsibility for their own actions, rather than relying on a third party.


These four photographs I took outside my apartment. The ‘White-Angel-corps’, shown as contrails, tried to steal my attention by producing long straight line clouds. Everytime I take a photo of them, UFOs are always spotted. The secret government and the Dark forces have tried to bother this event by deliberately spraying murderous chemicals, calling them ‘chemtrails’ and telling the world ‘these long-looking contrails spread bad chemicals to people.’ Thus, they are trying to accuse the White-Angels as the ‘bad guys.’


If you have noticed these contrails often, please be aware it may be a sign from the Angel-corps from heaven. Due to the Law of Universe - interplanetary non-interference- these heavenly beings cannot be involved directly to us. Thus, they are expressed as natural phenomena, such as a strange shape of clouds in the sky. If you see these contrails often, then, heaven is trying to tell you that you are born with a mission for Earth. The Angel-corps consists of the fleet of the Galactic Federation, the Earth spiritual corps, and various delegations from each star in the galactic universe. More than 10,000 alien envoys, such as the familiar Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, and Alpha Centauri, and they are ready to meet us.


The UFOs

The UFO event is always involved with the Heavenly Angelic Forces. We, humans, have been banned from information for thousands of years. With the help of greys,-the bio-robots of Annunaki-the secret government Illuminati has been able to time-travel and travel interdimensionally, even colonizing Mars and building a satellite colony. All of this is classified information, and NASA still denies the existence of extraterrestrials or any contact with them. NASA is a sub-group of Illuminati, and its purpose is to control humanity from getting any outer-space or extraterrestrial information. They proposed the Time theory: it takes a few hundred ‘light years’ for a spacecraft, flying at the speed of light, to reach nearby planets and thus would be impossible to travel in space due to our short life span. It may sound plausible, but actually it is just wrong information based on our limited information of the universe and the dimension.


The universe is a multi-dimensional space, where they are overlapped. We live in the third dimension(the material world), where the vibratory energy is low, the density is high, so that we can experience the material. Time is one of the limiting factors in our world. The so called ‘aliens’, extraterrestrials with a more advanced civilization, live in a dimension higher than us- which means that their world is invisible in our human eye. In the higher dimension, time and space is not a limiting factor, thus enabling travel in a blink- if you think of the place, you are immediately there. UFO experts know that UFOs are non-material, spiritual beings. The higher the vibration, the lighter the body, and it can lower its energy to be seen in our material world. Thus, the real UFO that we know is not just a ‘spacecraft’ made of a shiny metal or with luminescent properties. I have experienced numerous UFOs, and the most astonishing one was the ones who looked like ‘real’ insects. If you believe that UFOs are spiritual beings, then you will be able to understand the world more simply.


UFOs can be in any shape or form. For example, the insect UFO can be in any form, and the ones I have seen are a fly , mosquito, cockroach, cricket, firefly, stag beetle, and bee. If you see them closely, there is a thin transparent halo around the insect. After you catch them, the halo disappears, and it just feels like a real insect. These UFOs are around me and around the world. They have been guarding me from the Darkness long before I was awakened. The Darkness had tried to kill me in many ways, but all of the plans became a fiasco since the technology of my Angel-corps has always protected me in any way. Also, UFOs can be in any size, and there is no limit to it. It can be very tiny or can be enlarged in an instance. Reconnaissance UFOs are mainly scattered around the environment in the form of an insect or a bird, and larger ones boarded with angels or aliens are disguised as a cloud in the sky.


If you want to find a UFO, look at the sky! The cloud you see in front of you might be a hidden UFO. This event may be more clearly captured through a camera. Angels and aliens use ‘mind-control’ techniques in order to hide themselves from reality. When the mind-control technique is applied to humans, humans see what they have perceived. Thus, if there is a UFO in the sky, the mind-control technique enables humans to see as an ordinary cloud. However, mind-control technique does not apply to machines such as a camera. Therefore, a true image can be seen through photographs.


a UFO disguised as a cloud (may 2017, Olympic park)
UFO in the shape of a cloud (Lt) and a small UFO (Rt)

As you can see in the picture, the UFOs of the Angelic-corps are in non-material form and camouflage themselves as clouds when they need to materialize. Have you ever seen a cloud with a rounded belly? chances are those clouds with round bellies might be a UFO. Therefore, the Angeliccorps might be nearer than you have thought.


UFO disguised as a cloud and a small ufo on a surveillance mission that looks like an insect(June 2016, Namsan, Seoul)
UFO in a shape of a stag beetle.


Many of you might think the photo above is a real insect. You have to believe that the Dark forces have been brainwashing you, educating humans the false concept of a UFO. UFOs of Angelic-corps are over 6th dimensional spiritual beings, and they are a life-form with self-awareness. They can change the visual appearance in an instance, and there is no limitation to it. The Dark forces have been trying to hide this information from you and denying its existence as a whole. The UFO shapes I have seen are from small insects to birds, waterdrops, lanterns, balloons, metallic, transparent shapes and so on.


I have experienced countless UFOs disguised as insects such as flies, mosquitoes, bees, spiders, mantises, moths, and so on. 

When I caught the fly with my hand, it felt like something like vinyl or plastic was crumpled, and after a while, the body disappeared. 

These insects that were active in my room have not appeared well since their identity was revealed.


One of my interesting experiences with a UFO was the following: I saw a black vinyl bag floating around me while I was on a rest from hiking. This black vinyl bag passed me, flew up in the sky and suddenly flew away. I took a photo of this event, and during the review of the photo, I found out it was actually a metallic UFO. Heavenly beings from higher density-world mind-controlled me, in such a way to make me perceive the UFO as a black vinyl bag.




UFOs disguised as birds, together with a semi-transparent UFO (in Namsan, June 2016)

The flocks of birds are actually bio-type UFOs in bird camouflage. It will be impossible to understand the UFO phenomenon unless we recognize that UFOs coming from a higher dimension are not simple flying machines, but actually spiritual beings with life.


Regardless of the location, where I am standing, unknown types of airplanes pass by one every minute. These are the hologram planes named White Angels.
And many invisible ufo exist around. There is a mothership floating high in the sky, and small ufos on reconnaissance missions are nearby.

There are over 2000 ufo videos collected in the process of waking up.



I climbed Namsan Mountain in Seoul and called for the angelic corps of heavenly friends in my  heart.

After a while, shining white dots embroidered the sky. 

When I magnified it 160 times using the camera zoom function, it changed its appearance to a balloon.


There are metallic ufos and transparent ufos that pass by fast.


A tadpole-shaped ufo appears.

I posted a few examples, but I will introduce a lot of UFO videos in the future.


Please read this article!


Now is the time for purification.(exorcism etc)

Now is the time for purification. It has become easy to see ghosts or any paranormal phenomena through internet broadcasting systems such as Youtube. Also, it has been much easier to capture (and record) them and also manipulate them better than the past.


Christ Michael

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