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The world has been under control by the ‘Dark’ Annunaki ever since after the history of Noah’s ark. Even though Lucifer is imprisoned (in the prison of heaven), his followers- the fallen angels- have settled in the astral and mental dimension, both of which are higher dimensions in the human world, manipulating the human mind till today.


The involvement of the fallen angels (and the Dark forces) made human history a continuum of warfare and bloodshed millions of people for their own pleasure. The aliens of Annunaki(followers and servants of the Dark forces), have mixed its bloods with humans (a.k.a hybrid) and its descendants, ‘half-man-half-god’, have dominated Earth as the leader group and becoming the ‘heads’ of the human race, such as the Kings and emperors. That’s why many people who are on the throne have the ‘Annunaki blood’ flowing under them.


The history of Noah’s ark was nothing more than a massacre done by the Dark forces (the dark Annunakis & fallen angels) to control the planet Earth: flourish the human race they have genetically manipulated, enslave them as their source of ‘dark energy,’ and control the planet on their needs. When the Anunnaki completely withdrew from the Earth around 556 BC, Enki (the Reptilian Annunaki), his son Marduk, and his grandson Nabu decided to remain on the Earth to be the conquerors and ‘gods’ of Earth. They have continuously manipulated their hybrid descendants, and this bloodline has continued till today. This group of descendents are known as ‘Illuminati’, which comprise the ‘secret government group.’


Recently, the Dark forces in the higher dimension have surrendered to the Galactic Federation, and retreated from Earth. Only those who are incarnated in the material world- the fallen angels and the members of the Illuminati- are still against the divine providence of heaven and controlling humankind on Earth.


The Freemasons and Illuminati


At the center of ‘the axis of evil’, there are ‘Freemanson’ and ‘Illuminati.’


Freemasons were originally a secret group by stonemasons from the Middle Ages, who built churches and cathedrals based on the secrets learned from the construction of pyramids and temples. The members are basically Jews who worship the ‘fake god’ Yahweh. Thir group started to grow in size and power, ultimately (secretly) dominating the world. The majority of the famous politicians and wealthy and powerful men you may know in the media are the members of this group. Of those, the group of Freemasons with Reptilian Annunaki bloodline are called the ‘Illuminati.’


Even though they compromise a very small portion of the human population, the Illuminati is under control of everything on Earth, in every aspect you may think of. For instance, the United Nations is a sub-group of Illuminati. Federal Reserve Board (FRB) and the Federal Bank. the two most important organizations that control the US-dollar market, is actually a private-owned-bank by the Rockefeller's, J.P. Morgan and Rothschild, the three famous families from the Illuminati. All the multinational corporations in the world, the world-class military industry, the medical drug industry, the finance and insurance industry, the cultural entertainment industry, and the sports industry are in fact completely dominated and controlled by them. The most serious thing is that almost all the world's broadcasters and media are controlled by them as well. Thus, exposing the real truth about this group is very difficult. The internet media, such as Google and Youtube, are also owned by the Illuminati. Thus, the Dark forces, led by the Illuminati, have dominated any mass media you can imagine to control humanity, which data to expose and which to hide. However, even if the Internet media is owned by them, it is difficult to completely filter the flow and block all information. Therefore, the widespread use of the internet, together with the insiders' declaration and revelation of truth has made the existence of the Illuminati known to the public.


The the history of Illuminati starts from the ‘Dark’ Annunaki- aliens from planet Nibiru who came to Earth 430,000years ago in search for gold, who joined Luciferian Rebellion and remained on Earth for the domination, which manipulated the original human race into a double stranded weak form of life and committing a massacre known as “Noah’s Ark’ to leave their manipulated human ‘slaves’ to thrive on Earth. In other words, The descendents of Enki, those with reptilian bloodlines, decided to stay on Earth for domination. This is why there are lots of symbols of snakes and dragons in ancient civilizations. These symbols were used to show their supremacy over humans. In the long past, Reptilians known as Draconians have made several cases of extinction of mankind, which were previously implanted by the Galactic Federation. The fear of snakes becomes latent in mankind, thus unconsciously making us fear and loathe the snakes.


Another Annunaki, Ishkur(Adad), who was the son of Enril, was the enlightened one leading the Lemurian civilization. Ishkur was the incarnation of Christ Michael, the creator of the Nebadon Universe. At that time, the legendary Atlantis existed together with the Lemurian civilization. About 50,000 years ago, traitors from the Orion constellation invaded and dominated Atlantis, and later, the nuclear war ensued the fall of both civilizations. Thus, the traitors (from the Orion) joined with the descendants of the ‘Dark’ annunaki to ultimately dominate the whole continents, expressing their supremacy with the symbols of dragon and serpents and representing their ‘royal’ bloodlines.


Frankly speaking, this world is under the governance of the Illuminati. Every government leader is either a member or swore allegiance to them. Anyone who went against them would be punished to death. The United Nations is an disguised private organization built to solidify their rule. Thus, the UN is not an organization to ‘protect global security and peace.’ The Security Council is a multinational military organization with a single command system to achieve the ‘New World Order’ pursued by the Illuminati. ‘Keeping the world safe’ is nothing more than a cover for a plausible cause, which ultimately enables the justification of war planned by Illuminati. For example, this organization creates an ‘imaginary enemy’ to provoke World War 3, and eventually turns the world into a monolithic system of governance (known as ‘New World Order’). Thus the purpose of the UN is helping Illuminati realize its agenda.


Illuminati has been creating conflict all over the world- between countries, religion, gender, political ideologies, territory and so on. For instance, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the concept of LGBTQIA, and in Korea, the conflict over the sovereignty of the island Dokdo (Takeshima) a small island in the East Sea, between Korea and Japan- are all promoted by the Illuminati, behind the scenes.


Fortunately, the fallen angels who drove humanity into war in the dimensional world were largely purified by Archangel Michael. That is why the devils who were chasing after me in the Astral world suddenly stopped their attempt. Currently, the Angel-corps from heaven are getting involved in Earth, trying to stop the war attempts done by the incarnated fallen angels and Illuminati. Without their help, the Earth would have been doomed by WWIII and nuclear war.


One of the most hottest topics currently happening in the world is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This war was induced by Illuminati, who tried to involve the world to outbreak a nuclear war, to destroy all humanity.


All the organizations under the UN are actually running the agenda planned by Illuminati. Even the non-profit organizations that claim to save humanity are actually under the governance of Illuminati. Illuminati strives to govern over humanity, eternally. While denying the existence of God-Creator, worshiping Lucifer as their ‘god’ and following the orders of fallen angels, Illuminati wants to control mankind on their taste.


They want to make humans less spiritually developed, unabling to find their true God (God-Creator, God-Source) and giving a dismal belief that all tragedies on Earth are from ‘God’s Judgement.’




UNESCO , and the Education System


Cannot believe it? Let’s look at the reality.

All children, regarding their nationality, are provided education based on UNESCO guidelines. This guideline mandates students to be taught with an excessive amount of ‘useless’ knowledge, forced to memorize it for ‘good grades’, thus decreasing the ability of creativity. Fierce entrance examination system is made, so all students must undergo ‘survival competition,’ rationalizing the logic of ‘I have to win you so that I can survive and get a better ranked job.’


Good grades are not the most important thing in life. Children who are starting to grow are affected by the environment, and the social pressure of competition affects their personality development, making them egoistic, self-centered minds, and competitive spirit. I want to ask this question to you:


Is it necessary that EVERYONE needs to learn algebra and calculus?

Where (in real life) can you apply this knowledge? While going to the grocery store?

Do you have to calculate the volume of a wok and be familiar with the concept π in order to eat or cook food?

We call ’genious’ someone who memorizes and solves mathematical problems fast and easily. Is being a genius important in life?

Would it help with your general activities?

Why is a circle 360 degrees and what is its rationale?

Why do we have to memorize from Pythagoras theorem to the root formula?


Mathematics we are learning is based on memorization, and does not allow any other solution. Does arithmetic make you smart? Nope! Mathematics is designed to diminish creativity. How can you get originality in a math equation? (which has a definite ONE answer)


All the education on Earth is focused on memorizing too many facts that may seem useful, but ultimately hindering the natural lesson of nature. How many know the natural cycle of life and why humans are born? Who teaches the roots of humanity? No one educates the truth about God-Creator, and all of this teaching relies on specific religion, which gives you biased information. How can humankind grow spiritually if they start the ‘competition for education’ since a baby starts to walk and starts to rank the child based on the ability of memorizing ‘un-useful’ data? How much time did you have to learn about nature, the importance of life, and learn about your roots, the source of life and God?


The public schools ban the education of God. The information about God is provided on religion, which are all biased and specifically made in order to confuse you and not let you know the real truth. Anyone undergoing the ‘UNESCO-guided education’ will be exhausted from excessive stress and fatigue, killing creativity and shortening the life-span.


God created you and humankind to help him for his creative activities. Thus, you can find God in you, through contemplation, during creative thinking. The Dark forces knew this, so they constructed an educational system so that humanity cannot find their true self and their true God in themselves. Creative energy comes from sufficient meditation and contemplation, but the educational system has been devised to not allow such time. We need to learn nature, learn God, learn the interaction between humans, friendship and love. We have been halted from these activities, and forced to learn the distorted history, science of limited knowledge, memorization of information which ultimately leads to exhaustion of the brain.


Anyone who follows the UNESCO guideline well, who memorizes well and systematically ranks high, is rewarded with so-called “high-tier” university admission and ultimately a ‘good’ job. This idea has been forced, making people achieve this goal as ‘ideal tract of career plan.’ Ironically, this system is devised to create faithful ‘slaves of humanity.’ Unfortunately, Korea has innocently been carrying this plan faithfully, and was mentioned by previous US President Obama.


We have to learn our source, the God-Creator who created the whole world and know and be thankful to nature which sustains us and the environment and love your neighbor and humanity.


The WHO (World Health Organization)


WHO, another multinational global organization, is there to decrease your immunity and therefore, ruin your health. Think about the vaccination schedules ‘recommended’ by the WHO- multiple shots are given in order to ‘prevent the disease outbreak’. Repetitive vaccination impedes natural healing properties of humanity. Some report infertility after the vaccination project in Africa.


Fluoridation of tap water was one of the projects carried out by WHO. They mandated fluoridation in order to prevent tooth caries. However, the real intention is rather evil: fluorine impedes the development of the ‘third eye’, the pineal gland. Activation of the pineal gland enables more hormonal secretion, which enhances brain function and the ability for communication with higher dimensions. Accumulation of fluorine impedes this action, thus decreasing the physical life-span of humans.


Illuminati’s plan is to decrease the human population by 90%. Dramatic decrease can only be done through war, famine or infectious disease, and one of these plans is faithfully carried out by the WHO. I believe that the yearly influenza vaccination recommended by WHO has another hidden intention: decrease your immune system.


Economy, Fuel and Food control by the Illuminati


Believe it or not, the economy, fuel industry and food industry is also dominated by Illuminati. Genetically modified food (GMOs) have been widespread, decreasing our immunity and overuse of petroleum-based products (such as plastics) have accelerated the devastation of global pollution. Even though electric energy from the air and other non-polluting clean-energy resources have been developed, it is the petroleum-capital Illuminati who have kept them secret and suppressed them for hundreds of years. There have been numerous mysterious deaths or missings of eco-friendly energy developers or scientists, which have been done by the Dark forces in order to hide the secret. One of the most famous stories would be Nikola Tesla, the inventor best known for his contributions to the design of the modern electricity supply system, which became the base for radio, microwave, X-ray, MRI, remote control system, and hydroelectric power. He believed the Earth had “fluid electrical charges” running beneath the ground, and this could be used to develop a limitless eco-friendly power that can be used by humanity.


I would like to point out that the skyrocketing estate prices achieved every year in my country, Republic of Korea, is caused by the Dark forces. The increase in house prices puts most Korean citizens under financial debt, and it makes life harder if you are burdened with debt. The Republic of Korea has been one of the main targets and under the most severe interference and control of the Illuminati. There is a secret force that is driving the real estate prices.


In addition, the people do not know where the enormous income collected through the gambling industry, such as horse racing, lottery and casinos, flows and how it is used. Also the scale of the underground economy operated by the Darkness is completely unknown. In Korea, the Illuminati has been operated in stealth mode, and few people ever know of its existence.


However, just as I reveal my existence, the intense Light energy from heaven will enter Korea and will reap the Darkness.

My mission is almost over. From now on, I will try to save the lives of these foolish Dark people. Any member of Illuminati who would wish to save their soul should absolutely cooperate with me.


Why Religion is Against Salvation


Religious organization is the most effective way to control the human mind. Therefore, Illuminati has been secretly and deeply involved in all religions existing on Earth. For any religion to operate, a group of people(organization), a doctrine, and an enormous amount of money is needed. Only Illuminati can provide all of the three conditions. Therefore, Illuminati is involved in the highest ranks in each religious group. Outwardly, they are wrapped up with ‘good doctrine’ and ‘charity work’, but in reality, they extort your money under the guise of religion, and make your heart devote to a completely wrong place, far from salvation.


ALL RELIGION you know are misleading you to the TRUTH.


Be far away from the religion, and be by yourself. This is your first step forward for salvation. I am telling you sincerely because NOBODY can be saved under the hypocritical religion. Do not go the wrong way. All religion will lead to the wrong way, leading you to Dark energy, the Illuminati, and you will be indirectly worshiping Lucifer as the supreme god and denying the God-Creator.


Religion is a business that sells ‘God’ and the idea of ‘salvation’ for money and your devoted love. Those seeking God through formal ceremonies (such as hymns and worships) and not from their heart would be getting farther away from salvation. You should know nobody can do salvation for you. You have to achieve it by yourself, and not rely on religion.


Please read this article!


Now is the time for purification.(exorcism etc)

Now is the time for purification. It has become easy to see ghosts or any paranormal phenomena through internet broadcasting systems such as Youtube. Also, it has been much easier to capture (and record) them and also manipulate them better than the past.


Christ Michael

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