티스토리 뷰

[Bee who rescued my life] on September 22th of 2016

I had a very strange experience when I went to collect mushrooms in the nearby mountains. I felt a sharp needle-stick like pain on my left lower arm while I was observing an interesting mushroom that was growing on a fallen tree. Soon, I found out I was stung by a giant hornet. Immediately, I realized I was in big trouble. The Asian giant hornet has its infamous venom that is neurotoxic and can be lethal. There was nobody around to help me, and the only thought I had in my mind was to find the nearest hiking trail so that I could be rescued in case I lost my consciousness. So I did my best to run towards the nearest hiking trail. After running for 3 minutes, I felt out of breath and decided to take a quick rest. I looked around, and found many edible mushrooms I had wanted to collect.


I was out of breath, and I felt so stuffy so I decided to remove my gloves. Surprisingly, I saw a bee coming out of my glove (which I never noticed before) and it immediately approached me and stung on the same area again. I looked closely, and I noticed it is not a real bee, but a cute (fake) bee that you could find in children's cartoon movies. Interestingly, it did not hurt me at all, and the swollen area did not get worse. The only thing I could see was a tiny red rash, and the bee immediately disappeared thereafter. I felt the celestial beings gave me an antidote.


I was able to hike down the mountain without any problem, and was able to reach a beekeeper (who was one of my friends) nearby. I told the whole story and showed my left wrist to him. He was actually astonished to see me and my wound, and could not believe in my words. Nobody, even beekeepers, cannot be okay when they are stung by a giant hornet, and emergent medical treatment has to be initiated when such an accident occurs.


It was an incident that made me realize that the heavenly beings were meticulously protecting me.


An oil canvas painting, drawn to express my experience



[The meaing of 2+1] on September of 2016

I met a friend while I was going on a night - walk up the hill, and spent hours chatting, without realizing that it was already 0 AM. Since I did not expect to come back late, I had left my mobile phone in the house. My wife was desperately waiting outside the house, and I hurried to go back home. When my wife saw me, she started to cry, saying that she was very worried.


As I lay down on the bed , I said, “ Maybe I will have to stay next to my crybaby wife on the Last day...” Immediately after finishing my last word, a suddenly loud was heard in my house.


“Thirrr- Thirrr -”


We were both puzzled, and I said, “What’s that noise?”




I felt it was a message, telling me that I would have to be with someone that represents 2+1. It was just like the helicopter phenomenon that I saw on the day I opened my blog.  


Few years later, I realized the meaning of 2+1 : Both Michael and Michaela have to unite into One. In other words, the complete Chirst Michael has to be made by the unity of the both sexes (unity of duality).


[First attempt to realize the Day of Alpha and Omega] on October 9th of 2016

I decided to fulfill the prophecies that have been well known to the world. For example, Nostradamus had prophesied Obama as the last president of the U.S. In other words, 2016 would be the “last” year.


So, I had designated October 9th as the “Day of Alpha and Omega.” Alone, I climbed up a mountain at dawn and ordered the angel-corps to come forth and finalize the world. However, nothing happened. So, I came to think that I, alone, cannot finalize the ultimate mission. I felt that I would need the aid from others in order to fulfil my last mission, and I would have to precede 2+1” before carrying on my last mission.


[666 is my Secret Code] on October of 2016

The next door neighbor had moved in. Interestingly, the neighbor’s car number was 66 * 0666.


As mentioned previously, the number ‘6’ is the god’s number, and ‘666’ is the secret code for Yahweh, the Bible god who would come as the Son of Man. 2016 is the year, the deadline that this ‘man’ has to wake up and realize his identity.




I felt that the heavenly beings prepared everything around me meticulously, just in case I would not realize my true identity. Nothing was a coincidence. The sophistication of the heavenly beings that I have experienced so far is indeed perfection itself.


[The massive UFOs, disguised as clouds] on October 24th of 2016

I was quite disappointed and powerless after the October 9th incident. I had asked the angels to come forth and realize the last mission, but nothing had happened thereafter. I, at that time, thought I did my best. Depression came, and I did not feel like doing anything related to my mission afterwards.


However, I could still see the white-angel-airplanes often, just like before, and they were greeting me as if nothing had ever happened. I asked them, “So when would you come down to Earth?


About two hours later, I heard the answer.


The metropolitan Seoul and the nearby areas were suddenly covered with cirrocumulus clouds. As I mentioned before, UFOs tend to disguise themselves in clouds. In other words, the angels indeed showed me their ability.


I , living in a satellite city from Seoul, called my friend to tell me about the clouds in the Seoul sky. He also told me the phenomena - cirrocumulus clouds covering the whole sky- though the phone. Thus, the angels showed me a secret message that ‘we are always ready.’


Usually, UFOs that hide or disguise as a cloud are round or oval shaped. If the UFO goes away, it leaves a hole in the cloud. If you spend some time looking at the clouds, you would be surprised to see that UFOs are quite nearby. I think there are at least a few hundred thousand of them in the Korean sky.





[My last place for mission: Gwang-Hwha-Moon] on October 30th of 2016


Gwang-wha-moon square , Seoul. Photo from official web site.

My last mission will be fulfilled in Gwang-Hwa-Moon, Seoul, S. Korea.

Gwang-hwa-moon (Korean 광화문, Chinese 光化門) is the largest and the main gate of Gyeongbok palace, Seoul. Its meaning is “The Door where the Light would blossom.” There is a plaza in front of Gwangwhamoon, and it is one of the main landmarks of Seoul and the famous King Sejong statue is at the front.



The King Sejong statue. Source from the official web site.

King Sejong is regarded as one of the greatest heroes of Korean history and the leader who invented the original Korean letter, Hangul. Also, he was one of my past lives.


To confirm this place to be my last place to fulfil my mission, I walked by the plaza. Guangwhamun, is a strictly no-fly zone due to its proximity with the Presidential Office. However, I spotted a white-angel-airplane flying nearby the square, which confirmed my thought.


[Second request to Angelic Corps for their landing ] on October 31st of 2016

I went to Gwanghwamun to request the ‘massive landing of the Angel corps’ again. I thought I could realize my last mission, alone, in the designated place for the last mission. However, nothing had happened. The area was disorganized due to the protests to impeach President Park Geun-hye. It was my second sincere request to my angels, but I had to return heartbroken. I returned to my empty-handed. However, I saw several light bulbs that were shining on the mountainside near my home, which was previously never seen before. These lights appear every night after on.


[Third request to Angelic Corps for their landing ] on December 24th of 2016


This time, I went to Gwanghwamun with three Light workers to request the massive landing of the Angelic corps. The plaza was filled with hundreds of people who were protesting for the impeachment of the president. We, as 4 members, gathered together at the side, slightly away from the crowd, and prayed to the celestial beings.


There were several minor events that happened after the prayal, such as sky lantens flying in the sky and flocks of birds passing by, which were all disguises from the UFOs.


However, our wish was not granted. This was my third and the last attempt. I just wanted to prove to God I tried to realize my mission.


According to the famous prophecy by Nostradamus, Obama had to be the last President of the U.S. and 2016 should have been the Last year. I had hoped for Armageddon to happen this year. 11 months ago, I had a lucid dream where the UFOs from the Angelic forces greeted me and came in front of me. I had expected the same event that occurred in the astral world to be fulfilled in this third dimensional world.  


One interesting thing I have noted was the sky lanterns that I saw after the prayal. It is rare (almost impossible) to see a sky lantern flying in the middle of the busiest place in Seoul. Also it was the UFO that I saw in my dream 11 monthes ago.


From that day on, I have been thinking what would have been the cause of the ‘failure’. I heard the answer to my question one month after this incident, while I was on meditation.


“The world did not end because you still do not have enough love for the Darkness”


Immediately, I understood what was happening to me: I was under the consciousness of duality. I was not in the state of oneness, and I have been thinking of ‘removing all Darkness in order to restore peace.’


My mission is to unite the duality of the Light and the Dark and put an end to the longstanding Galactic war. Unconsciously, I was under an illusion of separation, and I did not have enough love to embrace the Darkness. I , as the creator of this universe, have to overcome duality and embrace everything with the divine power of love.

Even though Yahweh had already given me a clear hint of this mission through a lucid dream in which I cried and appealed to Heavenly Father to save my ‘bad friends’, I was unable to engrave it in my heart.



[Gauss and Flat Earth] on January 17th of 2017


I was on a nap at around 5:30 PM when suddenly somebody said,


“Hey! I came back!”

I replied, “Is it you Gauss?”


Immediately, I woke up from the dream, and started to search on the internet.


“Carl Friedrich Gauss” was a German mathematician that lived in the similar era as Chusa Kim Jeong Hee. Since I was not familiar with his name I started to wonder the reason why his name would have come up in my dream


At this time, Flat Earthers were a big issue in the social network, claiming that the Earth is flat and spreading their beliefs in the social media. Actually, Gauss was the one who mathematically proved geodesy and published the method to calculate orbits of the celestial bodies and the also the Theorema Egregium, meaning that the Earth cannot be displaced on a map (or flat surface) without distortion.


[Dream about Donald Trump] on January 29th of 2017

I met President Donald Trump in my lucid dream. I told him,


“Mr. Trump, You must remember me.

I am the God of the universe.

My angel troops already came here.”


[Upcoming zombie attacks] on February 26th of 2017

I saw zombie attacks through my lucid dream. Actually, I was aware of the Illuminati’s new plan after Covid19 virus. They were planning to spread the ‘zombie virus,’ that would infect mankind and make them into ‘zombies.’ The heavenly beings have told me about this issue through my dream, and luckily, I was able to halt their progress.


[Meeting of Commander Ashtar] on February 28th of 2017

There was a loud sound of a ‘helicopter’ on the road next to my house. I went out, and greeted the green-colored UFO fleet. I saw an extraterrestrial with a dark green military uniform and hat in the cockpit and another extraterrestrial next to him. I came up to meet him, and Commander Ashtar was very handsome with white skin and a long, slightly angular face. I said it was nice to meet him and I started to sob after I hugged him. Both were crying in tears. The next thing I remember is that we went to a place where I saw big fish and a river.


I knew he was Commander Ashtar because I had seen his depiction from the internet and other books before.


[Lemurian Prediction of the Son of a Man] on March 7th of 2017

I had a lucid dream about Chusa handwriting. I had many dreams about Chusa Kim Jeong Hee, probably because I was his past life.


Among the relics of Greater Lemuria, there are brushes made of high-quality materials such as meteorites and yellow-colored fine stone (田黃石,전황석, which is a stone found in a specific region in China that is considered the finest material to make seals.)



Brushes made out of fine yellown stone (left) and meteorites
Meteorite stones have magnetic properties


Why would this culture make brushes with such rare stones? Is it to tell the world a hint about a person, who would be born in the future, that would be famous for his calligraphy, and the one who would come as ‘Son of a Man’?


Chusa Kim Jeong Hee is known to have one of the best handwriting in Korean history. Koreans called him ‘the God’s writer(Shinpil, 신필), meaning that his calligraphy was like from the God. Literally, and spiritually, he was indeed God’s incarnation and thus ‘God’s writer’ himself.


[UFO having a sound of a bird] on March 11th of 2017

I heard a strange sound of a bird when I was out at around 5:30 AM. I could’t find a bird nearby. I tried to find the origin of it, and I was surprised to see that it came from a transparent ball-shaped UFO. After I identified it, it immediately disappeared from my sight.


Please look forward to the next episode ^^

Christ Michael