티스토리 뷰

[A failed plan of Korean war] on August 13th of 2015

One of the main issues in Korea at this time was the underground tunnels made by North Korea, which were discovered recently. The reserve general Han Seong Ju claimed this to me as preparation for (the future) Korean war, and had warned the public about the threat of North Korea. I was listening to his lecture on the internet, and my intuition suddenly said, ‘his words are true.’

Image presented by the N. Korean press on Dec. of 2011, where Ms. Lee Hee Ho, First lady of president Kim Dae Jung greeting the North Korean leader Kim Jeong Eun for the funeral of former N. Korean leader Kim Jung Il.


One of Han Seong-Ju’s lectures analyzed the secret code ‘ZE2815’, which was the airplane flight number that Ms. Lee Hee-Ho(former S. Korean first lady) took to visit the North. Her husband, Kim Dae-jung, was a Nobel Peace laureate who made great positive progress with the North Korean relationship.


The so-called ‘ Freedom of S. Korea by underground war’ was a slogan made by North Korea during this era. August 15th is Korea’s Independence Day (from Japanese colonization) and the North had been secretly planning for ‘the Second Independence’ on the upcoming 15th of August.


On August 13th , two days before the ‘big event’, I saw pyrotechnic flames, resembling bombs, behind the distant ridges in all directions, flickering at intervals of one to two minutes at around 8:50 PM. I was sure it was a warning from the angels about an imminent war. I still saw those flames at around 11 PM. This event continued until 1:00 AM. Later on, I found out it was a ‘warning sign’ made by the angels and asked for my action.


At 2:00 AM, I realized its meaning and started mediation and earnestly prayed to the Angelic-corps to help me halt the North Korean invasion through the underground tunnels. Suddenly, a bright light entered into my spiritual eyes, which meant that my wish was granted. I also asked to capture and incarcel Lucifer and the fallen angels, and the light entered into my spiritual eyes again.


The North Korean leader Kim Jung-Eun had been carefully planning for this moment for a long time. Secretly constructing the underground tunnels, he had wished to ‘liberate S. Korea from the democracy’ on the Korean Independence day. His longly thought plan had ultimately failed, thanks to the heavenly beings. I had lastly ordered the angels to dismantle all weaponry that was installed underground so that it would be useless in the future. I believe this has also been done.


You have to know that Kim Jeong Eun that was planning all of this is not the original innocent child that was studying in Switzerland.



[The angels helping with the weather] on January 14th of 2016

This was the last day of my eldest son’s military service. It was snowing a few days before so I was worried that it would pile up. Luckily, they all melted on this day so I was able to reach on time without difficulty. The White-angel-corps followed me and greeted me everywhere I went. I was quite lucky because on the next day it snowed heavily again. I felt that heaven helped me with the weather.


[The New Moon] on Feb 24th of 2016

A loud sound of a helicopter woke me up, which was around 2:00 AM. I felt it was a message for me to ‘go outside.’ I went outside, and I saw a full moon and a contrail made by the white-angel-airplane, and it was facing towards the moon. The white-angel-airplane was telling me to look at the moon. The moon looked slightly darker (than the past). The celestial beings were trying to say it is the “new” moon they have been replaced with.


The two “new” moons taken on Feb. 24th of 2016


But why would they do it?


The “old moon” we know was actually a satellite from the planet Maldek. It was originally the moon of Maldek- once the basement for the Dark forces during the Galactic Wars - until it was destroyed by the warrior planet Nibiru (which was sent by the Galactic Forces, about 1,000,000 years ago.) Maldek had become a small planet since then, but it has been recovered into a newer planet by the celestial beings. This planet will be the continuation of the 3rd dimensional world after the Earth’s ascension. Any future spirits who do not achieve spiritual ascension into the 5th dimension would have to leave Earth and move into Maldek and continue their spiritual development in the new 3rd dimensional world.


The Earth originally had two twin moons as satellites. Both were destroyed during the war between Atlantis Lemuria, and a new moon was dragged from the planet Maldek by the Dark forces from Atlantis. Thus, the “old moon” that we were familiar with was actually older than Earth.


Recently, the celestial beings recovered the previous twin moons that belonged to Earth.



[Rescue from car accident] March 1st of 2016

I was staying at my mother’s house in Buksan-up, Chilgok-gun for a memorial service for my grandfather. My wife had to go to work the next day, so we left at around 10 PM. It is about a 3.5 hour drive to my house, and we took the Central Inland Expressway. On my way home, I met an unexpected snowstorm, making it impossible to visualize the road, thus the cars running at 110 km/h had to go at less than 20 km/h. With this speed, I would arrive in the late morning, so I became frustrated. Even in the midst of a blizzard, I could hear the sound of a white-angel-airplane from the sky. At that time, the angels did not help me with the blizzard.


I decided to go out the expressway and take a route that would avoid the blizzard (but would have to go through mountainous roads and farmlands. These routes have a speed limit of 60 km/h, and I had no other choice at 1:00 AM. However, another problem arose during the drive- the car brake became frozen due to the snow and cold weather. There was nobody but just rice fields around, and had just entered a steep S-shaped downhill road when I noticed the brake failure. I felt the accident would be inevitable, and I was preparing myself for an imminent crash. Suddenly, my car stopped at the margin of the road, right beside a cliff. The celestial beings must have helped me stop the car. I also overcame another dizzying rollover crisis in a similar way and was ultimately able to come home safely.



[Dream] on March 2nd of 2016

I had a lucid dream where God became angry and caused a great flood.


[Dream] on March 6th of 2016

I dreamt of killing a large serpent, and it suggests that I would eliminate the Dark forces from the Earth,


[Dream] on March 7th of 2016

I saw the appearance of future humans through my lucid dream. They looked quite different from us, and the appearance was a mixture of human and mollluscs such as an octopus, having a larger head and weaker legs.


[Dream] on March 8th of 2016

I heard a voice during my lucid dream saying,

“ There is nobody who can tell you the moment of your birth.”

It means that I am the oldest on Earth. Later on, my dream told me I was about 49 trillion years old.


[Dream] on March 10th of 2016

I was watching the Go match between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol in my lucid dream. Suddenly, my higher self told me to see the ‘story’ behind this competition.


[The preparation of nuclear war] on March 13th of 2016

I was in Busan to visit my eldest son, who was serving in the military in Pusan. Coincidentally, I saw and took a photo of the US nuclear aircraft carrier ‘Stennis’ that was docked at Busan Port. Later on, I found out the hidden intention behind this nuclear carrier, which was also related to AlphaGo match.


[Finding out my mission] on March 26th of 2016

I was Yahweh in my lucid dream, and I begged and prayed with tears to the Heavenly Father (God-Creator, God-Source) to save even the ‘bad friends’ in the Final Judgment.


Yahweh’s mission is to ‘judge’ mankind and distinguish those who stay and those who would have to leave Earth. In my lucid dream, one of my old high school classmates was crying and begging me to save his soul. He was one of the ‘bad guys’ during high school. I told him,


“ I, Yahweh, will pray and ask God-Creator to be merciful to those who have not lived a good life..”


Then, I knelt down and prayed to the Heavenly Father asking for mercy.


This dream shows my mission clearly. I am not here to destroy the Darkness.


I am here to unite the Light and the Dark.


This material universe has been operated under the principle of duality, between light and the dark. I will unite these two polarities into one, establishing hierarchical upper and lower order, and integrating this world where everyone becomes one under God.


[My Dream as Yahweh] on April 20th of 2016

I was Yahweh in my lucid dream, and I went to a nearby police station.


“I want to be into trouble today”

The police officer said, “which kind?”

I said, “I would power off all the electricity in South Korea!”

The police officer thought it was absurd , and he laughed out loud saying, “Do as you like.”


Yahweh said, “Let all be powered off!”

Immediately a blackout happened, and the world became dark. The police officer was also quite surprised. Then, Yahweh asked him to bring a standing hanger. Yahweh suddenly turned the hanger into a tree with riped fruits.

Yahweh said, “please tell everyone that I, Yahweh, came to the police station.”


Then, I was in another scene. I, Yahweh, lamented and said,


"As a member of the National Assembly, I will get rid of the pay of the politicians and make them serve the public as an honor. Any corruption will be punished. Why did Korea,the country I have worked so hard for, become like this?”


Yahweh shed tears as he sighed. His tears became torrential rain and a great flood occurred thereafter.



[The connection between 666 and Christ Michael ] on May 20th of 2016

I captured a snake with 6 heads and 7 tails in my lucid dream. I did not know the meaning or why I captured this creature in my dream.


On the same afternoon, I saw a pretty shaped cloud and took a picture of it.



At this time, I knew I was ‘666’ and ‘Yahweh’, but I did not know the relation between the calf and ‘Christ Michael.’ The shape of the clouds look like a side-view of Michael, expressed as a cute calf like the relic below.

The looks of Christ Michael, drawn by the celestial beings


[Finding out the truth about Noah’s Ark ] on June 3rd of 2016

The Reverse Rainbow made by the celestial beings


I saw a ‘reverse rainbow’ on the day I uploaded the story about ‘The Truth of Noah’s Arc’ on my online blog. It was around 6 PM when I saw this natural phenomenon. This is a message from heaven, telling us that the real truth had been manipulated and told in the ‘opposite’ way.


The Noah’s ark is nothing more than genocide commited by the Dark forces to implant a new human race with 2 stranded-DNA. The purpose was to replace the previous human race of 12 to 36-stranded-DNA to a simpler form of life for enslavery. Of course, all of this was carefully planned by the ‘fake god’, the Annunaki who claimed to be ‘Yahweh’ himself. This ‘fake god’ is Enki, the ‘ancient serpent’ in The Book of Revelation 12:9 and also the ‘hero’ in the Book of Enki, which is written in the Sumerian clay tablets. Enki is the start of the historical manipulation on Earth and human civilization, and he had been disguised as the god and as the ‘good guy’ to mislead innocent humanity.



Please look forward to the next episode ^^

Christ Michael