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[Meeting with Monk Jeon Il] on April 7th of 2018

I visited and met with Monk Jeon Il, who lives in Bonghwasan Mountain, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. He is a famous monk who believes in the existence of UFOs and has made a ‘basement camp’ to guide UFOs when they need to land on Earth. I knew his spirit was from outer space so I truly wanted to meet him. After chatting for a while, we went out to see the sky. Surprisingly, I saw clouds that were the disguise of UFOs floating above the sky.


UFOs disguised as clouds, above Mt.Bongwha

[A precognitive dream] on April 9th of 2019

I was in the stadium, in front of a crowd. I held up a microphone and called out loudly to the sky for a UFO, and an army of angels appeared in front of the people. I introduced myself as,


“Hello, I am Christ Michael.”


This indeed will be a precognitive dream that will happen in the near future.


[Challenge from the Darkness] on April 21st of 2018

There was a UFO, disguised as a cloud, shaped like a hat. A small red mail-box shaped UFO came out, and threw a black-colored post at me.


The black post contained warnings from the Darkness, where they would challenge me more fiercely, and warned about future acts of terror that would prevail in the near future.


A cloud that I exactly saw in my dream


[The unity of the Light and the Dark] on May 13th of 2018

I was in outer space, where I saw groups of stars and galaxies. The God-Creator’s spirit was inside me, and I (=the God) was competing with the divine beings of Darkness through mental power.

Then the scene changed, where the Divine being of Darkness became an old man. We shook hands and started to walk down the street side by side, as if we were close friends. I told him,

“Thank you for your hard work playing the role of a villain.”


This dream shows the future of the Light and the Dark forces. Soon, both will be united into one. Maybe this has already happened in the astral plane. Now, the effects will soon be seen in the material world.

The time will come soon.

This material world will reflect the changes made in the astral world.


The God of Wrath(left) and The God of Mercy (Right) from the Lemurian relics


Please try your best to awaken your spiritual consciousness and exert yourself. This is the last moment, and even if you fail the spiritual ascension, you will have a second chance as a human flesh in your next life. If you do not try your best, your next life would be as an animal, and it will take a very long time to receive the human body again.


[The imaginary Moon] on May 18th of 2018

It was a late night, at around 10 PM. I was looking outside from apartment, and I saw a big crescent moon in the sky. The moonlight, together with the night view of the apartment was so beautiful. I wanted to record this moment, so I prepared my camera and searched for the best photographic spot. In a few minutes, the shining moon that I had seen had suddenly disappeared from my sight. There were no clouds in the sky, and I could see other stars shining brightly. The moon had gone away!


As I told you before, the moon that we see today is a different one from the past. Maybe the moon that I saw was a mothership-class UFO that was disguised as a moon.


[UFO disguised as a star] on May 31st of 2018

Recently I have been seeing a big shining star in the sky everyday, and initially I thought it was a mothership-class UFO. To confirm my guess, I went out at around 10:40 PM. As always, I could see this bright start. I started staring at this star, and suddenly the star started to shine stronger, got bigger and then its light faded away, disappearing from my sight. Indeed, it was a UFO disguised as a star.


[My mother and Guanyin] on June 24th of 2018

In my dream, I went to heaven with my mother (aged 93). Over there, I transformed myself into an old, god-like man (a.k.a Yahweh) and my mother transformed herself as Guanyin. Our mission on Earth has ended, and we have returned to the original status. God Yahweh hugged Guanyin, saying


“Thank you for your hard work in playing the role of my mother.”


A photo taken with my mom at my aunt's house when I was 8 years old.


The spirit of Guanyin and Holy(Virgin) Mary are known to be twin souls. Two thousand years ago, Virgin Mary played the role of the mother for Jesus (the double incarnation of Jesus and Christ Michael) and this time, the twin soul Guanyin became the mother role for me (the single incarnation of Christ Michael.)



Guanyin oil painting I painted

Many drawings of Guanyin have the detail of Buddha-like-figure (Amitayus-buddha) on her forehead(crown.) Amitayus-buddha, or simply Amitābha, is the Buddha representing ‘infinite light and infinite life:’ in other words, he represents Heaven and the ‘savior’ of humanity. Guanyin has put this deity in front of her head to represent her respect to Amitayus- Buddha and to help humanity. Thus, this is a metaphor that Guanyin and The God are related.


Guanyin represents kindness and wisdom and she cherished life. My mother is indeed like her. It is a pity that she still does not know her true self. About 10 years ago, she had intuitively started writing the Diamond Sutra on calligraphy and gave it to her friends. The Diamond Sutra is one of the earliest dated printed books that is considered one of the most influential texts in Buddhism. It is a scripture that records Guanyin’s sermon to his disciple Subhuti. Is this all coincidence?


Another proof of my mother being Guanyin was my out-of-body experience. In my conscious state, I visited the star Sirius. At a hermitage, I met my mother, having the morphology of Guanyin.


So what does this dream mean?


It means that this had already happened in the Astral universe: this is to announce that all situations have been concluded, my incarnated mission has been completed, and I have returned to my homeland, in space.


Now, what happened in the higher dimension will be soon reflected in the lower dimension, the material universe. The time is getting closer.




These are most of the events that have happened in my life up to now. Countless experiences were given to me to truly awaken my soul and find my true identity. In particular, the lucid dreams where my consciousness was clearly known had been a great help that provided important clues to my identity.


UFOs are real and not fiction, You have to believe in them. In simple words, the Astral world consists of extraterrestrials and UFOs. UFOs are living creatures that provide transportation for the souls , just like the airplanes that transport our bodies.

NASA, the government, and the Illuminati had classified the information about the UFOs so that humanity would not be able to grow spiritually. Those faithful followers - the scientists, mass media, research institutes, and the religious leaders- have been using every means at their disposal to completely deceive you.


Isn’t it strange that humans are the only higher intelligent life forms that solely exist in this vast universe? We have been brainwashed completely, and now it is time to realize the REAL truth.


We are actually pitiful life forms. We have been innocently enslaved and been raised under the closed matrix made by the Dark forces and the fallen angels to serve them. We have been manipulated, from the genes to our whole knowledge, to be in service for the Dark and not to pursue spiritual growth.


Still in doubt of my existence?


Please ask your angels, your higher self about me during your meditation and/or prayal session. As mentioned in Gyeongnam-Yurok, only those who can be salvated will follow the Savior (mentioned as ‘Jeong-Doryong’) In the book, the savior is described as following:


“Jeong Do-ryeong, whom heaven and earth kept secret, is someone who was kept secret until the very end.”


It is not a sin if you cannot identify me in person. However, it is a sin if you DO NOT BELIEVE in my words. Those who deny my existence are denying the existence of God. These poor, low-graded souls must start from the bottom, and there is a learning place in the universe designated for them. The moment you move there, you will immediately realize that the heaviest sin in the universe is the sin of denying God, your source.


Every one of you are the seeds of the Trinity God. All of you have been endowed with the gift of free will. I have given 250,000 years to search for your source, your roots. This is not a short period of time, and if you are still lost or clueless, it means that you have not done your ‘homework’ properly.


Now, the time is almost over. You have to return my gift, and I have provided enough time and freedom in order to realize the true meaning. A being without free will is no longer human and is nothing more than a low-level life form that lives by instinct.

My beloved!

I won't be able to cry with my heart for you forever and indefinitely.

This is your last moment. Please understand the truth and awaken your soul!




I summarized the events that occurred until I woke up. (Heavenly Guidance and Teachings 1~10)

Christ Michael

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