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[Greetings from the celestial beings] on March of 2017

I went to Namsan with my Light-workers. Groups of UFOs, disguised as white balloons, greeted us. I took a photo of them, shown below. You have to note that Namsan is also a no-fly zone, so spotting flying objects is a rare event.


When we (me and the Light workers) meet, we always see some sort of UFOs, and I feel they do this to congratulate our gathering. The amazing sight of the sky being filled by twinkling lights (made by the UFOs) has now become a familiar and enjoyable event for us.


This is an important video that shows how well ufos are camouflaged. If you zoom in 165 times and take a video of the ufo that appears in the form of countless lights in the sky, it will be disguised as a balloon. Have you ever seen a self-luminous balloon?


[Lucid dream] in April 17th of 2017

I had a lucid dream of destroying mechanical robots using nuclear weapons. I think I was in the 11th universe : the universe dominated by artificial intelligence. I was in a spaceship during a space war, and suddenly a bomb clashed into my ship, destroying it in pieces. I was thrown away into the dark space, and was falling deeper until a warm air bubble approached me and saved me by acting like a cushion. Later on, I found out that this air bubble was actually a flying object that looked like a robot.


[Viracocha and the 5th sun] in April 23rd of 2017

I had a lucid dream about the end of the beings of light, Wiracocha (Ishkur/Adad) and Quetzalcoatl (Ningishzida/Thoth), who were active in the Americas. According to American mythology, the 'God of War' brought darkness to the Earth where the sun did not rise, and at the request of the 'God of War', the two gods sacrificed themselves and threw themselves into a volcano to die, and only then did the sun rise. The two gods who died at this time were Ishkur and Ningishzida. The God of War is the leader of a group of rebels who came from the constellation of Orion across dimensions, invaded Earth, and took over the continent of Atlantis.

Viracocha and Adad, both representing God of Creation



[Lucid dream] on May 21th of 2017

I dreamt of riding a UFO. A blonde woman introduced me to the details about the UFO in English, but I could see some decorations that were written in Korean.


June 15th of 2017

I had a lucid dream about the purpose of human’s free will. The God-Creator gave humans the ‘freedom of choice’ in order to avoid repeating the same tragedy that happened in 11th Universe-the world that is dominated by artificial intelligence- where robots control life forms. The pursuit of science and visible facts without empathy or any feelings based on love would result in a cold-hearted world without sympathy. The world without love would be tragic, because the relationship between humans is just a mathematical equation. Without free will, we would not differ from a machine.


It is important to know that few of the life forms in the universe have ‘feelings.’The invention of humanoids with the ability of having emotion is a rather recent creation, Without feelings, there would be no sense of guilt even if they harm life.


[Lucid dream] on July 14th of 2017

I saw lots of UFOs covering the sky. Suddenly, the UFOs started to tell humanity,

“I am your creator! Call ME the Creator!”


[Lucid dream] on July 15th of 2017

I was writing calligraphy in the Chusa font style.


[Lucid dream] on July 19th of 2017

I was traveling on a UFO when I arrived on the planet. Over there, I saw such a huge dragon that was unbelievably big. If I was the size of an ant, that dragon would be the size of the highest mountain in the Korean peninsula, the Mt. Baekdu.


I felt that the dragon was a visual form of God-Creator. I wanted to record this event, so I tried hard to take photos of the dragon.


[Lucid dream] on July 30th of 2017

I was riding a UFO. One thing that I clearly remember is the interior of the bathroom, where it was covered with tiles.


[The fate for the souls who fail ascension] on August 12th of 2017

I saw what would happen to the souls who failed spiritual ascension through my lucid dream. My friend, who had recently expired, appeared in my dream, and I clearly saw the pathway where he was incarnated as a pig.


Any humans who fail their spiritual ascension are destined to become livestock of any life form with ‘lower spiritual energy.’I saw the proof of it, and this is what ascended masters had long warned about.


The Earth will soon ascend to a higher dimension. Any living creature on Earth has to ascend spiritually in order to stay on this planet. Those who fail will have to be born on another planet of the same spiritual level, and this ‘new’ planet will not be a welcoming place for them. The incarnated spirits will have to be born as livestock or below.


The fate for the Darkness of the Earth would be the same as well. Currently, the followers of Darkness are at the highest pyramid of wealth and power, controlling the world at their taste. This will not last long, and the time is almost over. I cannot guarantee the life of the souls who do not cooperate with me. The rebellious souls would be fated to undergo a purification process, and the souls would finally be disintegrated, and will no longer exist in the universe. This will happen soon.


Don’t you think time is passing by so fast? About 40% of the time has passed by, and there is not much time left. 2025 will be the deadline, and wise men would know they would have not much time left to think, have doubts or ridicule my existence. According to some channel information, the Galactic Cross Fleet astronauts will return to their hometowns by 2025 at the latest after completing their missions, so if this information is true, judgment will be made before then.

The Korean prophetic book “Gyokam Yurok(격암유록)” says the date will be 2024. I think this date can be delayed if humanity co-operates with me. I an in oneness with the Trinity God, and only the Trinity God-Source can fulfill “the beginning and the end”



[Meeting of my brother Michael] on August 14th of 2017

I took a nap at around 6:30 PM. Suddenly, I found myself situated in a high-story apartment where there was a mountain nearby. My consciousness was clear, and I saw 3 tubular shaped UFOs flying in the sky. One of them approached me, and shooted a light beam towards me. This beam took me, and I was being transported at the speed of light towards the UFO. I tried my best not to lose my consciousness.


‘So this is what carried out by the beam of light is like!’


I cannot believe the words that I saw in the book could happen in reality. However, the light was so dazzling it was hard to open my eyes. Instead, my spiritual eyes became opened, and I found myself situated inside a metal floored UFO.


The next thing I saw was I was surrounded by metal robot-like creatures that had brilliant luminescence. I was surprised, but at the same time, I was talking to them naturally saying


“Hello, I am Christ Michael......... I will risk my life, and I swear I will tell you the only truth...”


So who are they and why did I swear to them?


Those shining robot-like creatures were actually the Paradise sons the ‘Michaels’ - who are the sons of the God-Source. I, specifically my soul. had greeted them, followed by my ego, who swore to them. Ego comes from the human mind, which is in a ‘lower’ spiritual level- in the material world.


My ego has followed my spirit (which is in a higher dimensional world) because the mission I have been designated has to be done in the material world, and this will have to be carried out by my ego.


Because my ‘spirit’ and my ‘ego’ were both perceived as ‘myself,’ it was hard to distinguish between them. Right after finishing my ego’s oath, I was surrounded by a very loving energy emitted from one of the Michaels, and its voice was so enchanting I felt as if I was listening to a harmonic musical instrument. My spirit would have understood it, but my ego could not understand a word from it. I think he was my elderly brother, ‘Emmanuel.’

The Michaels, the Paradise sons (my oil canvas drawing)


It is said that Chirst Michael’s older brother ‘Emmanuel’ had been temporarily entrusted with the management of the Nebadon universe while he was on his mission on Earth. I knew about this and the stories about the Paradise sons, thanks to the Lemurian relics. Without them, I would have never known my true identity.


The God of all Source has about 700,000 sons (known as Paradise Sons), which are called ‘Michaels.’The remnants of the Lemurian civilization enabled me to find my true identity and the identity of my elderly brothers. Actually, Emmanuel looks just exactly like this relic below:

Immanuel said something to me, and his voice sounded like music made up of only vowels. Of course I(ego) couldn't understand at all.

Lucid dream on October 4th of 2017

My spirit left my body and went to a higher dimensional world where I met four extraterrestrials who came out from an UFO. They were holding a scroll script. They did not recognize me, so I introduced myself to them as ‘Christ Michael.’


[The guidebooks to search my identity] on October 6th of 2017

I have bought two books interpreted by Mr. Shin Yu Seung The Kyokamyurok(격암유록) and the Urantia book. 

I wanted to know more about my identity, and I thought it would be a good start to read from his books. The Korean ‘Kyokamyurok’ and the ‘Revelation’ of the Bible are the two main texts that were recorded to serve as a guide for the awakening of Christ Michael, who would ultimately come as a ‘Son of A man.’


[The imaginary bee] on October 21st of 2017

At around 7PM, a bee came out from the dried laundery that was left outside and suddenly stung my wife. I was in a hurry and I immediately took her to the nearest hospital for an antidote. Luckily, there was no side-effect from the bite. Suddenly. I remembered the ‘fake bee incident’ that treated me last year. I felt the bee might have given my wife a vaccination for a future medical problem, because her health at that time was in poor condition.


[UFO] on October 22nd of 2017

I can always find a UFO while recording any movie clip. Roughly, I have about 3000 movie clips related to UFOs. Today I was able to record 2 UFOs at one time.




[UFO] on October 31st of 2017

I saw a UFO that was undergoing metamorphosis into a ‘tadpole shape’.




[Reverse rainbow] on November 29th of 2017

I met a person, and on the same day I saw the person’s face (shaped in clouds) with a reverse rainbow.


A reverse rainbow and clouds that look like a person’s face


[Lucid dream] on January 8th of 2018

In my lucid dream, I saw multiple UFOs that were disguised as airplanes, and they started to cover the whole sky. I yelled at them, saying,

“I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!” two times.


[Lucid dream] on January 9th of 2018

I attended the ‘Uiseong’ Kim family gathering ( a relative meeting of all Kims having ancestors that originated in the Uiseong area) and I had introduced myself in my lucid dream as follows:


“My past life was Chusa Kim Jong Hee, King Sejong, King Gwanggaeto the Great, Jesus and ultimately, Yahweh.”


In order to prove my words, I made a rain shower, made up with cider.


Kim Jeong Hee : one of the most famous calligrapher in Korean history, the inventor of Chusa font style

King Sejong: one of the greastest Kings in Korean history, who had invented Hangul, the Korean letter

King Gwangggaeto the Great: one of the greatest Kings in Korean history (after King Sejong), who had made Korea the strongest country in East Asia by conquering adjacent countries during the 3rd century AD. Also known as ‘Korea’s Alexander the Great’

Jesus: prophet who came as a double incarnation of Jesus and Christ Michael


[Lucid dream] on January 10th of 2018

I met Chusa Kim Jung Hee in my dream. I told him as follows:

“I am your future appearance. In the past, you were King Sejong and King Gwanggeto the Great:



[Precognitive dream] on January 18th of 2018

In my dream, I saw the two leaders of the Koreas in a summit. The Leader of North Korea said, “Let’s sing the song of unification!”

Exactly 100 days later, the April 2018 inter-Korean summit was miraculously held on the South Korean side of the Joint Security Area between Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea, and Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Supreme Leader of North Korea. This later proved to me a precognitive dream.


image from the official Blue House (Korean presidential office)


[Lucifer’s agreement for cooperation] on February 15th of 2018

My conscious self moved into the astral world to meet Lucifer in a celestial place. He was very tall with thin, reptilian hands. I could not see his face, but I was lifted up and I hugged him. He told me he would cooperate with me.


This is a key event in the history of the Galactic wars- Lucifer finally acknowledged his mistakes to Christ Michael and declared his surrender. It was not a dream, and therefore I was able to finalize one of the biggest missions- to convince Lucifer and the Fallen Angels.


Now, the last homework left for me is to embrace the fallen angels. This will be the last chance for them, and if you miss the last opportunity, there will be no salvation ever again.


[Stormy weather] on February 23rd of 2018

It was raining with heavy thunder and lighting in Seoul and its metropolitan area around 1 A.M. I also heard the sounds of the fighter jets. There was no news concerning this natural event, and I think it is the sound from the conflict between the Angel corps and the Dark forces.


[The God-Source] on March 25th of 2018


The God of all Source united with my soul, saying,


“You will have to cooperate with me.”


This is the God's final, powerful warning message to the resistence of the Dark forces on Earth.



[Lucid dream] in March 31st of 2018

I was participating as a cadet in a space academy, and I was learning about spacecraft operations. I was in love with Shayla , the team-leader of the group.


There were rumors of ‘VIP’ among the cadets. I do not remember the full story of the dream, but the next thing I remember is the last scene, when I had to leave the academy.


Shayla received a notice from the airship captain telling her to quickly go to the airship landing pad. She ran there and found Christ Michael(me). I hugged Shayla, saying “I am sorry, but I have to leave now. Good bye!”When Shayla returned to the headquarters, an announcement was made. “Christ Michael, the monarch of our Nebadon universe who came from Salvington has just departed.”


Shayla sat down and cried endlessly.


Currently, Shayla has incarnated on Earth to help with the ascension of Earth. I met her in person, and I had this dream on the same day. The celestial beings have always given me a hint about important persons that I met in daily life through my dreams.


Please look forward to the next episode ^^

Christ Michael

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