티스토리 뷰

[Messages from the White-angels on November 22th of 2014]


I was operating a ‘meditation room’ 5km away from my home. I decorated this place to focus solely on my meditation.

It was quite a rainy day, but it was not raining around the meditation room. After the usual meditation session, I stared at the sky. Suddenly, two White-angel-airplane came into my sight and drew a cross using its contrail. Luckily, I was able to record the event on my phone camera. During the recording, I also caught a huge transparent UFO that was passing near the White-Angel-Airplanes.


The Cross made by two White-angel-airplanes



The White-angel-airplanes also drew a figure of an adult hugging a girl, which was to congratulate the acquaintance of my neighbor that may signify a special relationship from my past life. I adore this child, and she had firstly greeted me with joy. Of course, her parents also know my presence, and I had bought many presents and cookies for her. It is a pity our society became more desolate and greeting the neighbor or talking to a younger child may be interpreted as child-abuse.

The cloud resembling an adult and girl facing each other



I believe this world will be changed completely- where there are no ‘bad people’ and peace will prevail around the world. Since the end of the third dimensional world (Earth) is approaching, there will be more wicked people roaming around more than ever before, and more incidents and accidents that are unexplainable will occur more often.


‘Cause and effect' is the term that best describes Karma. All of this phenomena is due to personal Karma. People will have to purify their Karma so that they can join the Earth’s ascension into the fifth dimension. Any humans who want to join this change must improve spiritually as well. In other words, other people who cannot do so must leave Earth, but they have to resolve their karma before leaving the planet.


[Confession to my mother on Jan. 1st of 2015]


I have confessed my true identity to my mother, who was living in a rural area in Chilgok, Gyeongsangbuk. I have told her everything, from the phenomena that happened to me, the meetings with celestial beings, and the white-angel-airplanes. Of course, she was quite surprised, and did not believe in my words. She said,


“Let’s see if white-angel-airplanes really exist. Let’s go out”


I was a little bit nervous, because it was quite a rural area and I was not sure if the airplanes would really be seen in an ‘unfamiliar’ place. So, we went out, and my mother noticed an airplane faster than me.


“There’s one!”


In less than a minute, multiple airplanes from north, south, east and west came up and passed by. My mother shouted with excitement, saying “thank you, thank you” towards the airplanes. Then, few minutes later, she started to deny what she saw, saying,


“Maybe they are just airplanes (incidentally) headed towards the airport.”

I said, “Mom, then, let’s see if you can find airplanes when I am gone!”


Few months later, I asked my mom if she saw any airplanes. She told me she could not see any after that incident.


[Channel connecting to the Trinity on February 6th of 2015]

There are lots of relics regarding bull-god and cicada in Lemurian culture. Of course, there are also relics with both combined. When I was staring at a relic where the cicada was sitting on top of the bull-god's head, my intuition said, ‘ this cicada is the messenger from God of all Source.’


The relic of cicada on top of Bull-god


On February 6th of 2015, this thought had become a reality.


At around 5 P.M, I suddenly felt drowsy and fell asleep. Suddenly, I was woken and was in a room surrounded by white light. My consciousness was awake, and I saw an opened window with white fluttering curtains. As I approached the window, a shiny oval shaped UFO approached me and entered the room.


The door from the bottom of the UFO opened, and a gigantic cicada covered with dazzling platinum came closer to me. It put one of its front paws in front of my eyes. Then, my mind became ‘visible.’ I could see my right and left brain filled with purple light. The cicada started shooting golden rays into my eyes. It was a bit painful, so I told him it hurts. Then, it sharted to change the beam color intu green, which felt cool. I said "Thank you." and then I woke up.


At first, I did not notice what the cicada had done to me.


‘Maybe this cicada has done something related to God-Source, because it is his messenger.’


Later on, I found out the cicada made a‘channel’ to connect the Trinity the Holy Father(Universal Father), Holy Son (Universal Mother) - to their son, Michael of Nebadon (me).


The God of all Source, shortly God-Source or God-Creator, exists as a conscious energy. When he needs to express himself to the material world, he does it through his Paradise sons, the Michaels. That is why (Christ) Michael (of Nebadon) is the Son of God-Creator(God-Source) and also the Alpha-Omega God himself, which is described in The Urantia Book


[UFO disguised as a rainbow On Feb 25th of 2015]


I attended my uncle’s funeral which was held in my hometown Seonsan, Bonghwa, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It was quite a cold day, but the celestial beings from the sky, using a big UFO, warmed us with a rainbow and strong sun-rays. I felt they did their best job to keep us warm from the cold winter breeze.

The Rainbow, which is a disguise of an UFO



[Envision of Yahweh by the clouds on March 5th of 2015 ]


Many of my lucid dreams I find myself as an old god-like man.

‘Why do I look like an old god-like man?’

Later on, I found out that this figure was Yahweh, the Biblical God.


We both exist in a multidimensional, multi-universe.In the higher dimension, you exist as ‘higher self’ and the highest point would be your ‘divine self.’


  Material world Higher dimension Highest dimension
You Human Higher-self Divine - self
I Kim Jun Won Yahweh Christ Michael


In this chart above, I am living the life of ‘Kim Jun Won’ in the material world. My higher self is ‘Yahweh,' that looks like an old wise god, and my divine self is ’Christ Michael’ who looks like a cute calf (known as bull-god)


Therefore, the appearance of myself is different in different dimensions, but they all exist at the same moment.


<The concept of incarnation and karma>
The phenotype that we have- the looks- are merely the flesh that is made from a combination of genes from the ancestors. Thus, it is just like a ‘costume’ you have to wear during this life in the material world. After you die, your soul (spirit) will move according to the karma. If you resolve all your karma left on Earth, your spirit will ‘ascend’to a higher dimension, and stay as your higher- self.’ If you have unresolved karma after death, you would have to work out by being born again(incarnation) as a different body (appearance will be decided according to the ‘new’ parents.)


After the gift of the cross by the Archangel Michael and the celestial beings on September 16th of 2014, I started to have a habit of recording the white-angel-airplanes on my camera in search for an answer. Every Time I record a movie clip, I capture at least one UFO. So, my analysis about the UFOs became a hobby. These UFOs watch me, and I watch them. I guess they are interested in how far I am ‘awake’ and aware about them. I felt that these beings gave me pieces of information (hints) according to my level of spiritual awakening.


On a fine day on March 5th of 2015 I had recorded a movie clip of a white-angel-airplane that was passing by the park near my house. Upon reviewing the movie, I have noticed a meaningful shape of the cloud. The cloud looked like the face I saw in my lucid dreams- an old man that looked like a god- which was Yahweh.

Image of Yahweh, made fron the clouds by celestial beings



[Congratulations by the White-angel-airplanes on April 10th of 2015]


Luckily, the house that I sought in my neighborhood went on sale that was cheaper price than expected. I wanted to contract the house, so I was in hurry to take a bank loan. On the day of the contract, I saw multiple white-angel-airplanes greeting me and congratulating my contract.


It was a flimsy house, but the bathroom was decorated with tile with large cross pattern, which I felt it was meant to be my home.




[Spiritual challenges on May of 2015]


Even though I knew who I was, my spiritual awakening was still low, like an ordinary person. I had to be under meditation and prayal to achieve cosmic consciousness, and I frequently had to be tested by my guardian angel.


Also, I felt I was being tested by the ascended masters such as Maitreya or Guan Yin- who were disguised themselves as ordinary people. I knew this because I felt suspicious among some of the people I met.


One of the tests I was challenged was a cockroach. After my meditation session, I found out a cockroach in front of me which was was flipped over. My wife hated insects, so I thought if I did not catch it she would be screaming around and furthermore, this insect will breed instantly, bothering us furthermore. I knew the importance of life and all life were equal, but at that time my thought was to ‘get rid’of this insect. I caught it and flushed down the toilet. Suddenly, I thought I should not have done it.


‘Alas! This must have been a test of my meditation! I have failed my mission.’


So, I carefully reviewed the situation again. There was no circumstance or reason the cockroach would be naturally flipped over. It must have been a mission, so I learnt to be more careful and thoughtful before I did any action.


Few days later, a mosquito was bothering me during my meditation session. When the mosquito landed on my arm, I automatically hit my arm with my hand to kill it, like a reflex. It happened in a moment so I was quite confident I caught the mosquito. I opened my eyes, but I saw nothing, not even a trace of mosquito. Suddenly, I felt it was another challenge that I ultimately failed again.


On the next day, a fly was buzzing around me during meditation. I tried to stay calm and not harm the insect. It was buzzing around my ears and then seated on my arm. I tried to stay calm and not do anything. From this day on, I tried my best to be calm and not kill any insect that was bothering me. It was quite hard to resist, because the mosquitos kept bothering me afterwards, during my meditation session. The mosquitos not only made the annoying sound, but also touched my arms and legs, and I felt a weak current of energy flowing.


The mosquito annoyed me many times during my meditation and prayal, so I tried my best not to get distracted. One day, the mosquito came near me and sat on my arm and started to touch me. I could not resist no more, so I suddenly opened my eyes. I found the mosquito on my arm, but in a sudden, it disappeared in a blink. I was surprised, because it was not a ‘real’ mosquito- it was an insect shaped UFO surrounded by a water-bubble like form.


After I found out the truth of the mosquito, I became more relaxed, but the mosquito still appeared during my meditation. I asked the angels to please remove any obstacles that was bothering my meditation, such as the mosquitos. After my prayal, the mosquitos never came back.



[Protection against the inter-dimensional beings in May 24th of 2015]


I had constantly heard a strange sound coming from the roof ever since I moved into my new house. The sound was random, and could be heard during daytime and nighttime.


“Tattak-dak-dak-dak-dak-dak……” “Tad-dad-dak……


A truly incomprehensible loud noise continued day after day. I tried to look into the roof and opened the ceiling to find the cause, but failed.


On a sunny Sunday afternoon on May 24th of 2015, I was with my wife in the living room when we suddenly heard a thunderbolt hitting our roof. It was an odd event because our house was one-story high and was surrounded with other houses that were at least two-to three stories high. Then, there was a sudden black-out. I checked the electric toad house, but all the ballast switches were turned off.

It was really strange. At that moment, I had the feeling that perhaps the heavenly beings had installed and tested something invisible on the roof for my safety. Intuitively, I felt that the Dark forces were crossing dimensions and came after me. However, the Angel-corps, the celestial beings who protect me 24/7, have been emitting some kind of power that halted anyone who tried to go inside my house. I felt that the sounds I heard at my roof are like ‘sonic boom’- those who move faster, it may not be seen but the sound may be heard like a blast.


Any being who wants to come to Earth the material world- needs to change its energy level according to the dimension. Since we live in the third dimension, the Dark forces must become ‘material’ (a.k.a visible) in order to be expressed in this world. It is a pity that these beings keep attempting futile attacks on me. Its leader, Lucifer, had already surrendered and promised to help me.



[Second attempt of murder in the Astral world on May 30th of 2015]


As soon as I fell asleep, I saw a huge black castle-like figure standing right in front of me. I was seeing through my spiritual eyes, and I noticed it was actually a witch. She suddenly started to breathe in, sucking everything near her, including my spirit. I felt imminent death, so I tried very hard to escape from her. Luckily, I managed to escape the situation and woke up. Immediately, I asked my angel, Archangel Michael, to protect me afterwards.


Just like the Yeti Sasquatch event, this was my second attempt done in the astral world



[The Sequel of the armageddon dream , on June 12th of 2015]


It was few years later where I dreamt the next story of the Armageddon event (the lucid dream about the end of the world)


“ That space fleet you see is on YOUR side. It is the real ‘God’ that came to save you. Do not try to go against the angelic army!”


Yahweh, the biblical god, cried out in agony, but nobody listened. Both the religious and non-religious people were supporting the UFO army from the arctic sea, which was actually from the Dark forces. It was a truly deplorable situation. Yahweh put his hands up high, saying,


“ I am Alpha and Omega, The start and the end!”


Suddenly, white rays that looked like a huge white belt came down from the sky, wrapping around him. The rays, combined with strong mental energy made telekinesis that made all the UFOs from the Dark side collapse to the ground. This is the end of my second dream.


I do not know where the lucid dream would become a reality or not. However, like the dream, I am sure the majority of humanity would not believe me, and those would not be able to achieve spiritual ascension. I can't help but say that if you simply judge, ignore, and ridicule me with your low-level ego, the cost will be truly devastating.


Those who blaspheme and mock God will be punished for their arrogance and stupidity for quite a long time. These spirits would be punished by being incarnated as livestock, which have a lower spiritual level and would ultimately be sacrificed for their meat. The spiritual ascension in this take would take tens and thousands of years to achieve and be born as a human again. I am telling you in detail because I have seen this happen to my close friend, who had to be incarnated as a pig and slaughtered for meat.



[First Mission: Tell thyself a blogger on Sep. 15th of 2015]


Now that I know who I am and my mission on Earth, what should I do?

Yahweh and other famous prophecies have told us about ‘The End,’ but nobody has told me about ‘what’ I have to do in this era. I was in deep anguish.


So, my first thought is to tell the world ‘who’ I am. The first thing I did was to make a blog in Daum portal, which was the hottest blogging portal in Korea at that time.


On the day I opened the blog to the public, I saw three white-angels-planes flying low around my head. The picture I took is as follows:

The holographic helicopter by the Angel-corps

This is the one of the three helicopters that flew right above my head. The three came at once, flying quite lower altitude and made a U-turn right after passing my head. The two military helicopters came first, and the third one appeared a few seconds later. Of course, all of them are holograms operated by the Angel-corps.


Usually, these white-angel-airplanes make a certain event such as moving in a circle or leaving a contrail, but this one came light below my head, which was so close I could throw a stone and hit it. It looked so realistic.


One thing in common about the white-angels is that you cannot see the pilot in the cockpit because it is skillfully covered with a camouflage. If it was a real plane, the pilot must be visible.




[Dream on space on June of 2015]


My consciousness was wandering in space until I was hit by a UFO. The UFO was like a living creature, where the surface looked like the skin of a dinosaur. Then, black energied-bodies came outside the UFO surrounding me. Their energy was powerful but full of darkness, and tried to catch me. I felt I was in danger, so I shouted,


“I am Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end.”


Suddenly, a huge bright intense light-ball (probably from the God-Source) came from space at the speed of light, breaking the group and dissolving them into pieces.



Please look forward to the next episode ^^

Christ Michael