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Heavenly Guidance and Teachings 3


2014 My spiritual Awakening

2014 was the year I found out my identity. The following were the events that led to my acknowledgment.


1) Encounter of Ningishzida


I have met a woman who claimed to be the incarnation of Ningishzida. She was in her 40s, and she had a special paranormal sense. When she saw me, she told me that I was 'Alalu' in my past life.


Sumerian (Mesopotamian) terminology
an Annunaki, friend of Ishkur and the brother of Marduk, the eldest son of Enki. Also was a Light-worker together with Ishkur
an Annunaki and the King of Nibiru, who had the two famous sons, Enki and Enril
an Annunaki and the Father-in-law of Enki (Anu’s eldest son) who was also competing for the throne of Nibiru (but ultimately lost to Anu)


Alalu was an Annunaki and wanted to be on the throne of Nibiru. At that time, the kingship title and lineage of Nibiru’s royal family was at stake, and Alalu failed the attempt to take over the throne. His competitor, Anu, became the King of Nibiru, and in fear of punishment, Alalu fled to Earth. However, this became a big chance to Alalu because he discovered gold, which was a desperate ingredient needed by the Annunaki to save their atmosphere in Nibiru. Alalu asked King Anu for redemption in exchange for gold. King Anu sent Enki, his eldest son, for verification, and this has ultimately led to the gold mining business of the Annunaki. Alalu was then considered a hero for saving his home planet. However his greediness blinded him for power, and the conflict for Kingship claim rose again. Ultimately, Alalu lost his power again and was exiled to Mars, and ended his life there. The humanoid mask found on Mars is actually a Monument commemorating Alalu, who saved his people and his planet by providing the gold source.


Her description was quite plausible, and it triggered me to find out my ‘real’ identity. I believed in her, so I thought maybe I was Alalu in my past life.


After the long talk, we walked outside, and there was an airplane flying above my head. Ningishzida said,


“Want me to tell you a fact? That airplane over there is not real. It is a disguise.”


At first I thought it was an absurd idea. However, it made me question its presence, because I had seen them frequently whenever I was outside.


‘Why is that airplane following me?’


Few months later, I realized the presence of the ‘white-angel-airplanes’ and the truth behind it. After her meeting, I started to realize that airplanes were always in the sky and they were following in my direction or always directly visible with my eye. At first, I thought they were airplanes conducted by Nibiru extraterrestrials because Ningishzida and Alalu were both from the Nibiru planet.



Ningishzida was a friend of Ishkur, a Light-worker at the American continent, and also the savior of Atlantis from the invasion from the Orion Constellation: by throwing himself into a volcano, he halted the progression of the God of War of Orion. This final event made the Annunakis leave Earth and return to their home planet, except for Enki and his elder son, Marduk. As the only Annunaki on Earth, they pretended to be ‘Ishkur’ (ultimately being transcribed as Yahweh, the Biblical God) and acted as the Lord of the Darkness, obeying the words of Lucifer. Currently, he stepped down from power.


Therefore, the description of Yahweh, described in the Old Testament, is actually the story of the ‘counterfeit god.’



Initially, I believed in Ningishzida’s words. I thought I was the incarnated ‘Alalu.’ The dreams that I had at that time an old man (that looked like a god) involved in space wars- seemed to be a plausible reason.


However, my thoughts changed after the third meeting of Ningishzida. After arriving home, I suddenly felt sleepy and then, I heard a low-toned voice that was coming from my mouth, saying, “Your dad is Enlil. (or You’re dead as Enlil)” This low- toned voice was a voice I would hear later on several more times, and later on, I found out it was from the Trinity: the God-Source (God-Creator.)


“Your dad is Enlil.”


This phrase was very shocking for me. It was a key clue to my identity, but I initially misunderstood the phrase as “ You’re dead as Enlil.” This misunderstanding drove me nuts and had led me clueless.


There was a little quarrel on my fourth meeting with Ningishzida. She asked to sell my collection of Lemurian relics, the crystals from the Honshan civilization, to support her business. Her business was to find an UFO to save humanity from the end of the world. She had tried several times, except that she had never succeeded in finding the UFO on her desired spot.


I denied her proposal, making it become our last discussion. Who on Earth would understand the true meaning of these relics, who would believe these are from Lemurian and not Honshan and ultimately, who would buy them and appreciate its true meaning? I could not sell these precious crystals. These crystals gave me strong spiritual power that was hard to express in words, and I could feel they have a special meaning to me. When I meditate in my room filled with these crystals, I can feel a strong energy surrounding and amplifying my spiritual energy.


On the way home, I wondered again about the phrase that I dreamt about a few days ago. ‘Maybe I misunderstood the pronunciation.. what if... I said your dad is Enlil?’


Then, on that day, I was surfing the internet, and found an internet homepage that described a group of people who would ‘save humanity’ by riding an UFO. It was a description of a fraud scam, where they would falsely persuade humans and kidnap them to exchange their souls to those of the ‘Dark’ ones. This page also described the existence of the Dark forces, which was quite unbelievable to understand. Was this all coincidence? I felt someone spiritually helped me to know this fact.


After realizing the truth, I could not meet her again. She had this false belief that Enki, who was the one responsible for Noah's ark (the massacre of humanity) is the ‘real’ god and considered his elder son Marduk as the ‘real’ Jesus. She tried to persuade me of her false belief, which I could not understand. She was once my companion as a Lightworker in the past life, but her current life had been corrupted and disoriented in the wrong way and I could not help her more.




“Your dad is Enlil”


Thinking that this voice might be true, I started to research Enlil. I have found a deity named ‘Ishkur(Adad)’ and my instinct said maybe I was ‘him’ in my past. Ishkur was the youngest son of Enril and was the God of thunder and lightning and was represented as ‘bull god.’ The four reasons I might be him was the following:

1) The meeting of ‘bull god’ when I was 14 in my dream

2) I became ah old god-like figure throwing thunder to the victims (souls) in the 1994 Sampoong department store collapse accident

3) A golden calf came to visit me in 2007

4) I have said ‘ Your dad is Enlil’ through my voice, which was in unity with the God-Creator


In order to confirm my hypothesis, I had undergone meditation to try to ask the higher-dimensional angels. When I entered 5th to 6tth dimension, I asked,


“ Is my father Enlil, and am I Ishkur (Adad) ? ”


Suddenly, I heard a loud sound “Tadadadadak!” from the ceiling. This sound means a ‘yes,’ because through my experience, if it is a ‘no’ there is no reaction.


This finalized my quest for my true identity.


Enlil is Anu’s younger son, and he is the parallel figure of Zeus in the Greek Mythology. As the successor to the rulership of Nibiru in the future, Enril was an extraterrestrial who came to Earth as the leader of the Anunnaki about 430,000 years ago and commanded the gold digging business. Enki, even though being the eldest son of Anu, had no right to succeed to the throne because he was the son of a concubine.

The full story of Enki, Enril and their sons are well described in the Sumerian tablets, and best interpreted by “The Earth Chronicles” written by Zecharia Sitchin.


Even though these clay tablets were written by Enki (which is quite biased, where Enril is described as the ‘bad guy’ and Enki as the ‘good guy’) one thing for true is that the conflict between the half-brothers was very severe.


However, you should be careful not to completely believe in Sitchin’s work. He is a member of Illuminati, and the true story about Lemurian civilization and the people of Donyi are completely missing and not mentioned in the book. How can we remove the brilliant Lemurian civilization that existed on Earth 500,000 years ago without discussing a single word, and say as if it did not exist at all?


The Illuminati, and the Dark forces, have been hiding the truth about this civilization. People have longly thought of Atlantis, but few know the presence of Lemuria which also co-existed in the same timeline.


As a bio-engineer and follower of Lucifer, Enki had created a human race with two stranded DNA that we currently are today. For the purpose of enslavement and for manpower use, the experiments were secretly conducted in every continent and was completely replaced with the previous 12 to 36 stranded human beings (the ‘Lulus’) by artificially flooding the Earth by exploding the ice filament in the cosmic expanse. The enormous water changed the Earth’s continent and the survivors of the flood known as the ‘Noah’s Ark’- had completely replaced the human race in an instance.


How can Enki, who ultimately led to the massacre of all life in the continent, be considered as a God and a savior? Also, you have to know the ‘God’ that appeared in front of Moses is a counterfeit one, and my guess is probably Enki.


Even though Ishkur was the incarnation of Christ Michael(the Creator of Nebadon Universe) and known to be the representation of Yahweh, you have to be careful to interpret the following phrase in the Exodus 32 in the Old testament:


.... Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go down, because your people, whom you brought up out of Egypt, have become corrupt. 8 They have been quick to turn away from what I commanded them and have made themselves an idol cast in the shape of a calf. They have bowed down to it and sacrificed to it and have said, ‘These are your gods, Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt.’


“I have seen these people,” the Lord said to Moses, “and they are a stiff-necked people. Now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them. Then I will make you into a great nation.”


But Moses sought the favor of the Lord his God. “Lord,” he said, “why should your anger burn against your people, whom you brought out of Egypt with great power and a mighty hand? ...


The golden calf in this description actually represents the Real God, Chirst Michael, which is also Ishkur, who was Christ Michael’s incarnation. The anger that ‘The Lord’ has expressed in Exodus must be someone against Christ Michael (the real God), and I believe the real identity of ‘the Lord’ might be Enki. It can be understood in the same context that the ancient religion of worshiping bulls (cows) rapidly declined as Christianity flourished. The real Lord comes in after the birth of Jesus Christ, since Jesus was a double-incarnated being. Thus, the New Testament actually refers to the real God(that represents Christ Michael), Yahweh.


The interpretation of 666 in the Revelation is as follows. There are two beasts, one who is 666 (representing a yellow bull, which is Ishkur) and the other as a serpent (representing Enki). The fight between the two are actually the fight between the true god (666, Christ Michael’s incarnation, Ishkur) and counterfeit god (Enki, represented as serpent. Thus Enki actually represents the fake god in the Revelation.


Isn’t it odd that serpents are considered ‘wisdom’ and ‘holy animal’ in many ancient cultures? This metaphor was the creation of Enki, the dark Illuminati, and the reptilian domination of the Earth in the long past.


The sign of caduceus, where a staff is entwined with two serpents, is a common symbol that represents medicine. Its hidden meaning is the commemoration of Enki, who had created the two-stranded DNA humans.


2) The meeting with Sasquatch

During my active meditation sessions, I had once become sleepy and slept. Suddenly, I found someone standing beside me, and I looked up, and was surprised to see Sasquatch, the yeti from the legend of the giant. The monster was very angry, and it hit me on the neck with the long claws of its front paws. It hurted me so much and also I started to vomit blood. Feeling that I should escape this dream, I struggled to wake up, and immediately after waking up, I asked Archangel Michael for my spiritual protection.


3) Encounter of spirit of my lost friend

An acquaintance whom I considered as my close friend passed away due to a chronic illness, and I comforted him through meditation and prayer. On the second day after hearing the news of the death, I couldn't go to the funeral, so instead I prayed for that friend for a while before going to sleep. While praying, I saw a light flickering in front of me. I felt this friend came by to visit me during my prayal.


4) Illusion of Heavenly Mother

One day, a vision appeared in front of my eyes, where I was greatly welcomed in the heavens. I was an old man that looked like a god. There were bright light on both ends and numerous angels with white clothes were greeting me with cheers. From a stairway high up in the dazzling golden sky, a beautiful woman wrapped in light came down and hugged me. She was the Queen and my mother. Later on I found out it was the Heavenly Mother, who appeared as an illusion.


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Christ Michael