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2009: Experiencing the Light Tunnel During Prayal

My wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer unexpectedly during her work and had to undergo surgery. At that time, I was studying the Bible and was reading the book "Heaven and Hell" by Swedenborg.


While she entered the surgery room, I sat on a couch in the waiting room and started to pray for her. Since I did not have any religion, I was just praying to God-creator. Actually, it was the first time I prayed for my wife. I closed my eyes and sought God with earnest hope. Suddenly, a strange phenomenon happened- I suddenly felt as if my consciousness was passing quickly through a light-tunnel that started from my forehead and reached a light area, I suddenly felt I was connected to God. Then, I prayed to him, asking for good operation results without any complications.


The surgery took about 2 hours, but I was quite nervous and felt it took longer than expected. I tried to pray again, but nothing happened , and I suddenly felt I did not need to pray anymore.


After the end of surgery, the sign ‘In recovery’ was turned on, and I felt relieved. I thanked God and prayed again. This time, the light-tunnel phenomena re-occurred. My wife recovered without any complications, such as vocal cord nodules.


It was a truly bizarre experience. Surprisingly, Swedenborg had mentioned this phenomena in his book which I later found out. He described that the forehead ‘opens’ when non-Christians communicate with God.


It was truly an amazing experience: I felt God had heard me.



2010~2013: The UFO experiences

I had experienced so many spiritual events that are innumerable. Of those, the most fascinating ones are with the UFOs- when I fall asleep, paranormal sensations become a reality, where I feel and see the space and ride UFOs through my spiritual world. I first thought they were all vivid dreams, but later on I find out the UFOs I have ridden and seen are actually real ‘life forms’ from the higher dimension (above the astral world). The UFOs that we see on Earth, such as the lighting ones, are actually real UFOs that have decreased their vibratory level so that it can be seen in the material world. The metallic UFOs, however, are usually from alien civilization or from the Dark forces, where they are nothing more than fancy anti-gravity aircrafts.


On a fine afternoon, I suddenly felt sleepy. Then, I saw a round-shaped UFO in the sky. I made a heart-shaped figure with my hands, and said ‘love you.’ Then, this UFO suddenly approached me, and a 160cm sized brown-skinned extraterrestrial appeared in front of me. He fired a light-rayed gun, and this light beam stopped right in front of me and turned it into a pretty pink heart (like a hologram). Then, the extraterrestrial and the UFO disappeared.


Another day, I saw an UFO with brilliant light, and the moment I started it, I was suddenly teleported to an alien planet. Over there, I saw humans (from Earth) working as slaves and being controlled by aliens. I was surprised, so I had to hide myself and run away from them. While I was on a run, I crossed a river and saw the magnificent buildings that were different from the Earth.


2011: Foresawing the Intentions Behind Bird Attacks

I foresaw the plan arranged by the Dark forces through my lucid dream.

I vividly saw the planes scrambling to escape from the massive bird attack, which informed me that the Dark forces were training their birds in order to prepare for a future attack to counter the Angelic forces.


Haven’t you heard about the massive bird attacks? I believe these are all intentionally planned by the Dark forces in preparation of a secret agenda involving bird-focused training. Let me show you some examples, and you can easily ‘google’ them as follows:


2012: My Experience of Havona and Paradise

One day, my spirit was traveling space on a spacecraft, and I felt I was going quite far away from Earth. Then, I approached a galaxy consisting of bright, dazzling crystal-like stars that were forming a shiny band, and seemed to be floating like ice-in-water. This place was ‘Havona,’ the center of the universe where God-Creator(God-Source) resides. I also saw the ‘Tree of Life’, the sacred tree that was bearing fruits that were made up of brilliant jewels.


Then, I traveled to another star where there were jewel-trees and jewel-flowers all around. It was a star inhabited by children, and it was interesting to see that each tree and flower was their residence. I went inside one of the jewel-trees, and I was surprised because the interior looked like an ordinary house- with light, living, dining, inner room and furniture. I also saw the process of making the house: if you seed a tree or a flower of your desire, it immediately grows and becomes a house, like magic. Even though I experienced all of this in my lucid dream, it was so realistic and vivid.


I have mentioned this story in my blog a few years ago as ‘a star inhabited by children.’ Later on, I realized the children I saw were ‘Michaels’ - the Paradise Sons- the sons of the God-Creator.


There are 700,000 Michaels, the sons of God, and I am the 611121st son. 

I went to Paradise and had fun playing hide-and-seek with the Michael brothers.

I tried to express the scene in oil painting, but it was not enough to reproduce the ecstatic universe as it is.


For clarification, I am describing these beings simply as male forms (such as ‘son’ ) for convenience( In Korean, we use genderless terms but Latin language such as English requires to assign a specific gender to a noun.) These beings are all genderless. In fact, all spirits and gods, including your higher self, are genderless. In order to become a god (or a higher spiritual being), you have to have a neutral energy.


2012: The True Meanings Behind My Random Thoughts

In June of 2012, an absurd thought kept popping up in my head.


‘How absurd would it be if a person was bitten by a poisonous snake while walking in a city park?’


I didn’t know why, but it kept on my mind for quite a long time. That night, the thought I had during the day became one of the internet headline news in Korea:

This news said that a venomous snake (probably a viper) bit a 30 year old man during a walk in a lake park situated in Yong-in, S.Korea. This park is located in an urban place surrounded by apartments so it is quite odd for a snake to appear there. This place is not far away from my house.


I was astonished this event has happened, and I suddenly thought,


‘Maybe the thoughts I had, the random information that came into my mind, are actually true events..’


I will describe you two random thoughts that may be the truth:


‘This universe is multidimensional world and Earth is situated at the corner of it. The Galactic war is still going on on the opposite side of the universe, and the Light forces (the party where the God-Creator belongs) have been gaining dominance in the astral universe, and are approaching the material world where Earth is situated.’


‘Even though you can time-travel and remember the future lottery-number, you cannot win the lottery because time travel causes a new universe to be made..’


This phenomena had been described by numerous spiritual channelers, and I think this kind of spiritual knowledge had been provided to many people to guide me to my awakening.


2012: Lesson about Importance of Life


The Sweetfish Festival in Bongwha, S. Korea (image from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)


On a hot summer day, I went to the Sweetfish Festival in Bongwha with my mother and my four brothers and sisters to catch fish. During this game, I have caught many, including a small one. It looked weak so I thought it would die soon, so I just left it in the air. Sweetfish is known to die soon after it is out in the water. However, this small fish stayed alive for over 10 minutes, and its eyes were still open and shining till the end of its breath.


I felt great regret and deep sorrow because of my careless mistake- It could have lived longer if I had released it earlier. This event made me feel the importance of life no matter what the living creature is. event made me feel the importance of life no matter what the living creature is.


2013: Prevention of an imminent car accident.

Because of my recurrent dreams involving gold mining, I started to have interest in gold prospecting, and became a member of a gold prospecting club. With many specialized instruments and mineral exploration equipment, we toured Yangpyeong (Gyeonggi-do) and Jeongson(Gang-won-do). Even though the economical gain of prospecting gold is less than the cost of the gasoline for the round-trip, the golden placer found in a natural river gave great pleasure that cannot be exchanged for anything else.


I went there 10 times, and on my last trip I rode with an elderly member’s car to Jeongson, Gangwon-do. On the way home, the driver suddenly felt tired so he stopped for a rest. Few minutes later, he started the car, but it suddenly broke down- the axle of the steering wheel was broken and the wheel did not turn to one side. I had no choice but to wait for the car to be towed. While waiting, several military helicopters appeared in succession and passed overhead, making a very loud noise. Later on, I realized they were ‘White-angel-corps’, and they were always beside me no matter where I went. If we did not stop by, we would have been involved in a fatal car accident because the roads in Kangwon-do are built along the mountain curves, which involve steep slopes and exceptionally many S-courses. I felt these angels made my friend sleepy, to prevent an imminent car accident during driving.

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Christ Michael