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My precognitive dream: The End of the World


In 2008, I had a vivid, lucid dream where I saw the end of the world, and it is as follows.


Many people were going up the mountain. People were grouped according to their religions, and those without religion were grouped into families. These people flocked to the mountains to escape the tsunami that recently happened, and today was the fateful day where a huge comet would hit Earth, which was previously announced by NASA. Everyone was watching a huge holographic TV installed at the mountain top, and the news was talking about the upcoming comet, provided by NASA.


The TV said the comet is going to come to Earth sooner than expected. NASA had prepared a high-powered hydrogen bomb, and its plan was to launch it before the comet approaches the Earth’s atmosphere. NASA told the news they have been preparing for this event for years, been engaged in multiple virtual training sessions so as not to make a single mistake. NASA said that they have made multiple safety measures in preparation for the comet’s collision, but as the time gradually approached, people began to become more and more anxious.


Christians sang hymns together throughout the day, and everyone, both religious and non-religious, prayed with their hearts and mouths, hoping only for God's mercy and God's salvation. However, as the time approached, people began to stir, and in the late afternoon, the comet of horror started to be visualized on the TV screen. The comet was round, reddish-black in color, and screaming and crying started to be heard everywhere. The cries, the shoutings, the hymns together became a total chaos. Only the NASA scientists and personnel looked stable, and did not lose their composure.


Everyone was staring at the ultra-big screen trying not to miss any moment. Some were sweating, but it did not matter. People were waiting for the moment, and they tried not to lose tension. The scientists waited, and when the moment approached, they shouted, “Right Now!”


The hydrogen bomb was successfully launched from the space station and flew towards the comet with great force, leaving behind a huge fire trail. After a while, a huge flame of fire broke out in the dark space. "Success!" NASA scientists and staff all shouted in unison.


"We made it, we made it!“


Papers were thrown up in the air, and everyone was in full joy, shouting and hugging each other congratulating the event. Everyone watching the TV was happy and began to party. However, suddenly a woman scientist from NASA exclaimed urgently.


"Look over there! Look over there!"


Everyone's face soon became dark. The screen showed a white mass that was much bigger than the comet that nobody had expected, and it was approaching Earth.


“What’s that?? What’s that!!”


Everyone was yelling. It was actually a huge ice-ball.


“Oh God..”


Nobody had expected it, nobody knew it, and it was tragic. NASA did not even know the existence of the ice-ball, so there was no preparation whatsoever about this situation.


A scientist shouted. "At that speed, in a few minutes, it will approach Earth and will melt to become just like the situation of Noah's Ark!“


People were in panic, and became hopeless. Nobody had a solution, including NASA, and everyone started to scream and cry. When everyone was desperate and thinking only of death, the screen showed the situation in the arctic, where the arctic ice was cracking down. They were cracking at an enormous speed. as if there was an earthquake. Eventually, a huge sea appeared, and from there, a blindingly dazzling, gigantic, thick laser beam went up the sky, crossed the atmosphere, and shattered the ice-ball in space. Then, in the arctic sea-where the ice cracked- a gigantic UFO suddenly appeared endlessly and filled the earth's atmosphere with an innumerable number. It seemed well over a million units. People were all dumbfounded by this incredible miraculous event. Then, realizing that this was not a dream but reality, they started to scream.


“God saved us! We are safe!”


People started to yell and cried out tears of happiness. Suddenly, a NASA scientist said,


“Look at the screen in space!“


The screen showed an enormous amount of spaceships that were approaching Earth. There was no doubt that these were the ones involved in sending the comet and the iceball to Earth. Their fleet was approaching. An unidentified fleet has embroidered the space outside the Earth's atmosphere , with multiple UFO battle fleets in outer space.


So, a million UFOs from the arctic ice (from the Earth) versus a huge number of fleets from outer space were in an instant confrontation. All humanity prayed and cheered for the victory of the ‘Earth’ UFO fleet that emerged from the Arctic ice against the ‘alien’ space fleet. This is probably the first time since the creation of mankind that people all over the world have been united in one accord.


At this moment, a sudden loud voice was heard from the sky.


“These space fleets over the sky are your true God who has come to save you. Do not fight against our angelic army. The UFOs that you are supporting (those that arose from the arctic sea) are the demons of the Dark Forces that have imprisoned your souls until now. Do not pray to them, stop cheering and pray right now!”


The voice was majestic, it rang loudly, and it was heard all over the world. Then, the owner of the voice appeared: he was an old man with white hair, white clothes with a cane. He was Ishkur , the ‘god of storm’, and also known as Yahweh, the biblical god. However, everybody ignored what he said. Nobody tried to, and they still prayed to the arctic UFOs. The power of prayer, which all mankind united and supported, was truly astounding.


The Dark powers, receiving the ‘energy’ of the prayers, grew in size and power. Since UFOs are advanced life-forms, the energy from the humans – the prayers – gave them more power. Praying for their enemy, and that was the ongoing situation.


It was truly heartbreaking to see that the demons who had imprisoned and persecuted the human souls for hundreds of thousands of years and filled the noose to prevent them from leaving the Earth were thoroughly misunderstood as saviors, gods, and creators, and innocent humans have been cheering and supporting them. This was all due to the concept of distorted religion that Lucifer subtly and thoroughly implanted on Earth.


Gaia -the Goddess of Earth- and the Angelic forces were wrongly accused as ‘enemies’m and humanity became against them. Foolish humans made a wrong decision due to ignorance.


“You shall know ignorance is a sin! A great sin...! ”


Ishkur (Yahweh) could not understand this ironical situation - the ‘slaves(humans)’ were cheering for their masters(Dark forces) who had enslaved them- and could not believe this was happening.




I screamed out loud. Then, I realized that this old wise man was myself.

Immediately, I woke up, shouting “ No!!!” It was such a realistic dream.


After I woke up, I could not believe the fact I looked like an old ‘god’-like man. At that time, I did not know my identity, and this dream was just like a mystery until 2014- during my meditation session, I achieved spiritual awakening, and I found out who I was- I am the biblical God, Yahweh.


Several years later, I had a lucid dream that was the continuation of this story, and it happened on June 12th of 2015.

At this time, I knew my higher self was Yahweh, but I did not know the relationship between God-Creator, Chirst Michael and the concept of Nebadon.


This story is also described in my book, [Nega Geuda (I am HIM), P. 512] and the dream goes like this:


“ That space fleet you see is on YOUR side. It is the real ‘God’ that came to save you. Do not try to go against the angelic army!”

Yahweh, the biblical god, cried out in agony, but nobody listened. Both the religious and non-religious people were supporting the UFO army from the arctic sea, which was actually from the Dark forces. It was a truly deplorable situation. Yahweh put his hands up high, saying,

“ I am Alpha and Omega, The start and the end!”

Suddenly, white rays that looked like a huge white belt came down from the sky, wrapping around him. The rays, combined with strong mental energy made telekinesis that made all the UFOs from the Dark side collapse to the ground. This is the end of my second dream.


I am not sure if these lucid dreams would happen in reality. However, I am sure the majority of humanity would not believe me, and those would not be able to achieve spiritual ascension. I can't help but say that if you simply judge, ignore, and ridicule me with your low-level ego, the cost will be truly devastating.


Those who blaspheme and mock God will be punished for their arrogance and stupidity for quite a long time. These spirits would be punished by being incarnated as livestock, who have a lower spiritual level and would have to be sacrificed to provide meat. This life cycle will take tens and thousands of years in order to achieve a higher spiritual level that can be born as a human body.

 I have seen a close friend who had been incarnated as a livestock and seen him being slaughtered for meat. I have seen with my spiritual eyes, and it is sadly true.


It was two years later(2017) where I have found my identity as a whole – my higher self being Christ Michael,
and I as the Creator of the Nebadon Universe, The 611,121th son of God-Creator(God-Source).



Christ Michael