티스토리 뷰

“Why does this event happened to me?”

Why do I often see UFOs and frequently have dreams related to UFOs?”

“Who am I?”


These are one of the questions I have asked myself, and I always wondered why paranormal phenomena had to happen to me. Indeed, I had to personally go through extraordinary things before I realized that I was Christ Michael - the Creator of the Universe of Nebadon- born as the Son of a Man.


From now on, I will tell you all the events that happened to me, and this is not fiction. All of these were planned by the heavenly beings to bring my spiritual awakening, and it was possible in combination with my past life memories and subconscious mind. All of the events were pieces of a puzzle and clues to a solution that led to my awakening successfully.


Lucid dreams are dreams where my existence is clearly conscious. It may feel like a dream, but it is an actual event where the soul is experiencing in the astral or higher dimension. The lucid dreams remain vivid no matter how long ago it happened, because your soul has experienced it. Actually other dreams are actual events experienced in the subconscious, and it can be said to be the events intentionally caused by your guardian angels or your protective spirits in order to help your spiritual awakening.


Lucid dreaming played a key role in awakening my identity. Among lucid dreams, those dreams during the daytime (other than sleeping time) gave me the pivotal clues to find my real identity. These dreams come in a sudden, and then I find myself waking up with a clear awareness of myself. These unique experiences gave me clues and enabled me to find a solution.


I will introduce some events that were meaningful to me and that will never be forgotten. If you make a habit of recording unusual dreams, you will one day find valuable clues to discovering your identity later. I would especially recommend recording any lucid dreams or vivid dreams. I realized the importance of dreams after my awakening, and the dreams I have recorded became important clues to solving the whole puzzle of my life and my mission. Currently, I still record my dreams and analyze them and serve it as divine guidance and revelation through them.


Important Events that Happened in My Life


[7 years old: Eyewitness of an UFO ]

I saw a very small cigar-shaped UFO, about the size of an electric fuse.

While I was playing in the apple orchard, I saw a small metal rod flying slowly. It shone in the sunlight, and I tried to catch it. Suddenly a very bright light covered me, and when I woke up from the light, I was lying at my house, on the back floor.


[14 years old: Encounter of the Eternal Son ]



I was suffering from osteomyelitis in my arm when I was in 1st year of middle school. It involved the whole upper arm. I was physically and mentally struggling: imagine yourself having an arm filled with pus. The pain was unbearable, and I became physically weaker, and every night I suffered from the strange visions and ghost phenomena. When I tried to go to sleep, I would suffer from visual and auditory hallucinations where smoke would come out from the ceiling and then turn into ghosts of all shapes and sounds. Then, I would feel paralysis until I became awake. This was a frightening experience, and it continued until the surgery of my arm. I could not sleep alone, so I always asked my elderly brother to hold my hands until I went asleep.


A week after the operation, the most shocking event of my life occurred- I still remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was after my awakening that I realized the true meaning of this event, and it became a key event for my awakening and also for the history of humanity.


This story starts on a Sunday, one week after my hospital discharge. My high-schooled cousin visited my house and all of us spent the day chatting and eventually, everyone slept together in one room. At around 11AM, the strong sunshine from the window woke me up, but I did not want to open my eyes yet. I felt, ‘ah, I have to wake up now’ and then I felt someone coming inside the room. There was no sound, but the cold wind brushed my face. I felt somebody was standing right behind my head. It was strange, because all of my family were still asleep and they were all in this room, and nobody was awake yet. I was sure this being was not one of my family members.


So, I opened my eyes. I saw somebody who was right behind my head. When I looked up, I was so surprised - this being had a bull-shaped face with round big eyes which was staring at me. I cried out in astonishment, and said “It’s a dokkebi! (Korean goblin)” My elderly brother woke up and tried to calm me down. I told him I saw a ‘dokkebi,’ but none of my family members saw it and they thought I had a visual hallucination. It was after this event where I never experienced any ghost phenomena or felt paralysis during sleeping.


At that moment when I saw the bull-shaped being, I felt it was some kind of a divine being with a very high status in the universe. Even though I was a middle school student, I was sure of what I saw and felt. Even though I saw it with my naked eyes, retrospectively I think I saw it through my spiritual eyes.


So who was this spirit?


38 years later, I found out the answer- it was the Eternal Son, one member of the Holy Trinity or also known as the ‘Universal Mother (Mother God)’in the human perspective.

My oil canvas drawing expressing my reunion with “Universal Mother (God Mother)”, which is known as the statue of Bull.


This is an image of the ‘bull-human’ figure that I saw when I was 14. The Lemurians made this relic exactly what I saw with my eyes. Historians call it ‘bull-god statue’ due to its shape. Eternal Son is a member of Holy Trinity, and since Eternal Son is in charge of creation, it can be considered as ‘Mother God’or ‘Universal Mother’ according to the human perspective (which is irrelevant of any gender, because divine beings do not have a specific gender)


[ 18 Years Old: Encounter of Spirit (Ghost)]

While I was taking a local train from Daegu to my parents' house (in a rural area in Ubo-myeon, Gunwi-gun), the train broke down and stopped on the track without any countermeasure. It took about 5 hours to repair it, and I arrived at Ubo station at around 3:00 AM. I was walking alongside the paddy road, and it was foggy so it was hard to see what was ahead. Suddenly, I heard laughter and chattering sound though the fog ahead, and intuitively I hid in the water pipe right beside the rice paddy path. It was odd to hear any voice in a very rural field at this time, so I stayed quiet to see who they were. There were about 5-6 people walking, and I could only see one visible through the moonlight. He wore a strange costume and had a pig’s head with big ears, just like ‘Jeo-palge.’ Jeo-palge represents a humanoid-pig monster and is a famous Korean animated character that looks like below. I was so shocked but it happened so suddenly I felt scared and afraid. After seeing them going away, I ran home.

‘Jeo Palge’, a pig character in a famous Korean animation, ‘Fly Superboard’


[19 years old: Precognition of imminent danger]

In my senior year in high school, I had felt precognition of imminent danger while I was headed home after late night study. In fact, right after finishing that thought, the hoodlums who had been hiding in the corner of the alley suddenly appeared and grabbed me by the collar, but instantly I took off their hand and was able to run away easily. Without this sense, I would have been in trouble.


[ Early 20s (1987) : Precognition of danger]

All Korean men have to be in military service. In my last year of the service, on the last day of the 7-day-guerilla-training, I was on a descent operation on a rope from the highlands to the lowlands. Intuitively, I suddenly felt a sense of danger, and I looked around and found the pulley safety cover opened during the descent. I was able to stay safe by calmly closing the cover. It was a mistake made by the assistant, and he had forgotten to do the last safety check before the operation.


[1995 : Lucid dream of my higher self as Yahweh]

1995 was the year of the largest peacetime disaster recorded in the history of S. Korea: the collapse of the Sampoong Department Store, which was one of the luxury department stores located in a wealthy district in Seoul, killing 502 people and injuring 937.

My lucid dream on 1995, drawn in oil canvas


I had a lucid dream a few days after the disaster (image shown above). I was an old (fairy) god, and I appeared at the collapse site. Striking down thunder and lightning at the crying souls, I ordered them saying “Go to the underworld!” This old man is Yahweh, the biblical god, which is my higher self that exists in the astral dimension.


[2000: Dreams related to my past life: gold and gemstones]

I often dream of digging up a huge amount of gold and picking up crystal jewels with brilliant five-colored lights. I had so many countless dreams of digging gold and picking up clear and colorful gemstones. This may be due to the past life of Ishkur (Adad), a member of Annunaki who came to Earth to mine gold.


One day, I had a lucid dream, and as always, I was picking up clear colored gemstones. While I picked the 38th stone, a woman angel appeared in front of me, saying, “You are left with 38 years”


After I woke up, I wondered what it meant.


‘Does it mean I will die at 38? or I will die 38 years later?’


Now, I know the answer. She (the angel) told me the day I would achieve my spiritual awakening, which was ‘38 years’ after the encounter of Mother God (Eternal Son), that happened when I was 14 years old. Thus, as predicted, I realized my identity when I was 52 years old (the year 2014). I found out I was the incarnation of the Creator of this universe(Nebadon) and also the biblical god Yahweh, and understood the concept of ‘Son of a Man.’


Dreams showing myself collecting crystals were also realized by chance. I have been collecting crystal relics from the Lemurian civilization. Even though most are introduced as ‘imitations of Hongshan civilization,’ I felt some relics (that I obtained) come from the temple tombs or sacred tombs related to Ishkur the god of storm- which was my past life. I am sure about this because I have seen these relics vividly in my spiritual vision and also in my lucid dream two times, where these crystals were displayed in the passage of the pyramid temple tomb, and to my surprise, these artifacts later appeared in the Chinese antique market thereafter. The dreams of collecting gemstones were actually precognitive dreams. Also, these crystals that I have collected helped me to achieve my spiritual awakening.



[2000-2002: Dreams related to UFOs]

I have dreamt so many dreams related to UFOs. I have seen different kinds of them, rode them and had lucid dreams flying to many different planets in space.


Also, I had a lucid dream about the Galactic war, where I was involved, throwing multiple stars from the Milky Way to destroy the basement planets who were involved with the Dark forces.


[2002: Precognition of fire]


It was during the Korean World Cup of 2002. I was living on the second floor, and . I felt a instance of precognition where a fire was going to happen in my house soon.’ Exactly one week later, my house was on a fire. Actually, the fire started on the first floor and spread to our house on the second floor. At the same time, the fire station nearest to my home (5 mins away) was conducting a firefighting simulation drill, and the simulation training just became a real situation. Thanks for the early arrival, the fire was quickly extinguished. So, who was the one who informed in advance that there would be a fire?


[2003: Dream of my past life: ‘Chusa Kim Jeong-hee’ ]

Right: Portrait of Chusa Kim Jeong-hee , Left: Chusa-style calligraphy (from Gansong Art Gallery)


I had a dream related to Chusa Kim Jeong-hee. Chusa Kim Jeong-hee was the most celebrated practitioner of calligraphy, epigraphists, and scholars of Korea's later Joseon period (19th century). He is famous for the creation of "Chusa-che" (秋史體 Chusa writing style) inspired by his study of ancient Korean and Chinese epitaphs.


In my dream, I was writing calligraphy in Chusa-style, in a pavilion in Seonsan (my hometown). After finishing my work, I held up the paper. Then, I saw myself holding the paper, but the face was Chusa Kim Jeong-hee.


‘Why is my face Kim Jeong-hee? I wrote the letters myself...’

At that time, I did not understand what the dream meant. I thought. Maybe I saw his face because I was making a ’Chusa-style’ font. Actually, I was immersed in developing a Chusa-style font for Windows. Later on, I found out this lucid dream was actually telling me that I was Chusa himself in my past life.


[2006 : Precognition of car accident]


I started driving in 2006, and this was the year I bought my first car. While I was practicing driving, I had a strange feeling that a car accident was going to happen soon. Within 5 minutes, a huge dump truck running in the lane next to me left the lane and crashed into a car in front of me. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but it taught me a big lesson always be careful when driving.


So who is foretelling me these messages? I think there is a powerful guardian angel that always stays next to me.

Please look forward to the next episode ^^
Christ Michael