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Let me tell you two experiences of the ghost in my childhood. I was born in a small village in the province GyeongSangBukDo, S. Korea, but grown in an orchard in front of Ubo Middle School. There is an embankment a short distance from the orchard, and there is a river and a mountain called Wecheon right beyond it, so I spent my childhood and adolescence mainly with nature. It is said that the movie "Little Forest" was filmed in the river where I was playing. The river in front of the filming site was not deep, but there were a lot of fish. 


The following stories below are an excerpt from my book, Negageuda (I am Him),’ p. 73~75:



<First Episode, p. 73>


"When I was in high school, I had another strange experience. A train going from Daegu to Ubo station had an engine failure and ended up on a deserted track. I arrived at Ubo Station very late because of the repair. The time was about 3 AM, and I was crossing the rice fields to reach the orchard (my home). I suddenly heard people chattering in the distance. There was a thick fog at dawn, and I felt something strange, and got goosebumps all over my body. This area is a remote place, and there is no reason farmers would be awake at this time. My intuition told me to hide, so I quickly crawled into a burrow in the weir, hid myself and waited for the party to pass. The party was approaching me but passed by without noticing me. Due to the fog, I could not see clearly, but one of the members looked quite bizarre- he was carrying a pitchfork, and his face resembled that of a pig with very large ears. Suddenly I was scared, so I closed my eyes and covered my head and tried to shrink my body as little as possible. When they went away, I ran home in a panic. Did I get possessed and see something in vain? My parents were surprised because I arrived late at home, but I could only tell them the train failure and nothing more. This is a story I still kept as a secret till today.”


< Second episode, p.74>


“My second experience with a ghost happened when I was in the senior grade of high school. I wanted to eat meat, so I persuaded my elderly brother to catch hares in a nearby mountain. There were myths about wolves living in the mountains, but it did not matter to us. We set up about twenty wire snares. It's a shady place with little sunlight, so the atmosphere is a bit eerie, and even locals don’t go there often. So, it was easy to find dung and traces of wild beasts here and there and I was confident I would catch many hares. We went to check three days later, and obtained three hares. We washed and trimmed the hare and brought it home, but we were immediately scolded by my mother for killing innocent animals. So, we decided to not do it ever again. The problem arose on the next day, because my elderly brother would not want to go up the mountains to remove the leftover snares. More hares would die if the snares were left in place, so I tried to persuade him to take responsibility, but ultimately failed. At that time, I didn't have the courage to go alone. However, as time went on, I felt uncomfortable and could not stand it. After 3 p.m., I decided to go alone.


‘If I can’t do this, I’m not even a man!’.


The forest was already dark due to the shade of the trees. I tried not to be scared, because the more you think, the more you’re afraid. I rushed, and tried my best to remove all the snares. Soon, the forest became darker and became windier. All I had to do was remove the snares I had set up around the tombs.


While I was looking for the last snare, I felt somebody was watching me, so I hesitated for a moment. Intuitively, it seemed that someone was behind me. And immediately, I felt a cooltouch on the nape of my neck. It was not wind, and those who have experienced ghosts would understand what I meant. Goosebumps arose all over my body.


‘If you don’t stay calm and bold, you will end up here.’

‘Heaven will protect good deeds, so what are you afraid of?’


When I reached the place where the sunlight shined, I ran and hurriedly came down from the mountain. It was truly a terrifying experience.”


These were two experiences about the ghost phenomena. During my life, I had experienced numerous ghost and spiritual phenomena, and all of them were stimulants for my spiritual awakening: I had to be spiritually awakened, in order to fulfil my essential mission on Earth.


Spiritual experiences are the starting point for self-awareness.


About 3km from my home is a theme park dedicated to ‘Samguk-yusa’(literal meaning: Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms).



‘Samguk-yusa’ is a historical record compiled by the Buddhist monk Il Yeon in 1281 in the late Goryeo Dynasty. It contains the earliest record of the history of the Korean peninsula- the story of the founding of Gojoseon- that started around 2333 BC. Gojoseon is the first Kingdom recorded in the Korean peninsula. The Samguk-yusa is Korean National Treasure No. 306.


Dangun, the Half-god-half-man, King and founder of the First Korean Kingdom


Dangun is the legendary founder and god-king of Gojoseon, the first Korean kingdom that existed in the northern park of Korean Peninsula to the Liaoning province in Northeast China. He is said to be the "grandson of heaven" and "the son of a Bear. ’


The story starts with Dangun’s grandfather, Hwanin (환인/桓因), known as the ‘Lord of Heaven’(the God). He had a son named Hwanung (환웅/ 桓雄), who wanted to live on Earth and lead the humanity into Light. This story parallels the Mesophotamian myth, where Ishkur (Adad) is Hwanung. He brought about 3000 followers from heaven and descended onto Baekdu Mountain (the highest mountain in Korean peninsula, which is currently at the border of N. Korea and China) and founded the city of Shin (신시/神市, meaning ‘City of God’). Along with his ministers of clouds, rain and wind, he instituted laws and moral codes and taught humans various arts, medicine, and agriculture.


The legend says that a tiger and a bear prayed to Hwanung and asked for the way to become human beings. (This sentence is a metaphor, where the Tiger and the Bear tribe wanted to be part of Shin city.) Upon hearing their prayers, Hwanung gave them twenty cloves of garlic and a bundle of mugwort, and ordered them to only eat these two sacred foods for 100days without the sunlight. The tiger soon gave up, but the bear persevered and 100 days later, she became a woman. The ‘bear-woman’, now called ‘Ungnyyo’ (웅녀, 熊女) was grateful and thanked Hwanung, and made offerings to Hwanung. However, she was alone, and she wanted a child. She prayed beside the ‘divine birch’ tree (신단수; 神檀樹;) to be blessed with a child. Hwanung, moved by her prayers, took her for his wife and gave birth to a son named ‘Dangun Wanggeom’.


Dangun ascended to the throne, built the walled-city of Asadal which is estimated to be near Pyongyang, N. Korea. He called his kingdom Joseonreferred to today as Gojoseon, meaning ‘Old/Ancient Joseon(고조선, 古朝鮮) ’so as not to be confused with the later kingdom of Joseon (조선, 朝鮮) that was established roughly 2000 years later.




I, Christ Michael, am the God of the Big Dipper constellation, was Ishkur in the past and also Hwanung in my previous life. I grew up in the place where the legend of Dangun was first written on paper, the ‘Samguk-yusa.’


The cool stones below were collected on the map pointing ‘Water stone,’ and the description is as follows:


This stone above expresses Mt. Baekdu and its plains, the main stage of the Dangun legend. It is surprisingly a meteorite stone with magnetism.


This stone expresses rabbit and bear. I was born in 1963, the year of the rabbit ( according to the Chinese zodiac, 12 years are represented by 12 animals) and Hwanung married a woman from the bear tribe. I believe I found these stones with a hidden intention from heaven.


This is a cool-stone that I collected in Namhan river, Yeoju at the similar time as the stones mentioned above. You can see an old man (referring Dangun) in Korean traditional cloth (hanbok) standing beside a thick pine tree and also plesiosaurus right next to the old man, referring to the fact that these two have co-existed on the same timeline. Plesiosaurus was known to live in Mt. Baekdu.


This stone below was obtained in the same day, and you can see a bear figure:

This stone above was also obtained on the same day as well, and shows a spiritual being in the form of a bear. I have seen this being with my spiritual eyes in the astral world, and the story goes like this:


While I was sleeping, I heard someone whistling repeatedly in my ears, and made me awake. When I woke up, I was surprised to see this dark-looking being standing at my feet. I felt this being was a bear, and I felt my spirit was trying to tell me I met a person who is an incarnation of the bear-woman in the remote past. This was my experience right after I realized the identity of a woman who had recently been my follower after publishing my book, ‘Ne ga geu da (I am HIM)’


Let me tell you another experience of a bear.

While I was sitting on a bench in a park, chatting on the phone with someone on August 22nd of 2019, I suddenly heard a loud barking of a dog. I tried to find out the source, but there were no dog nearby. I followed the sound, and it was coming from under a concrete cover of the drain, located right next to the bench chair.


The bench chair I was sitting
The bear-dog, hidden under a concrete drain

Like the photo above, this ‘half-moon bear(asian black bear)’ looking dog was barking loudly. It drove my interest right away, so I had to end the conversation and focus on this creature. Right before I heard this bark, a squirrel with the same black color and half-moon shaped pattern tried to draw my attention by pretending to eat berries noisily, and then suddenly disappeared. Right after seeing this squirrel, loud barks started to be heard right below the bench I was sitting on.


I thought somebody had abandoned the dog, so I tried to give some bread to him. However, he was quite aggressive so I could get near him. Before I gave a loaf of bread, I took a photo of him (photo above). The dog picked the bread and hid deeper. I prepared some bowl of water and a flashlight and put it at the entrance of the drain. Then, I shone the flashlight to check the dog. The dog, growling ferociously, disappeared in an instant, and there was nothing in the den. After reviewing the photo, I noticed there was another beast’s eyes caught on the photo on the right corner.


Surprisingly, a woman who I talked to over the phone the next day sent me a picture of an ‘interesting-looking’ cloud, and it was bear-shaped. All of these events occurred because she, the woman I have met and talked to over the phone, was the ‘bear-woman’ in her past life. Later on, I realized that the last photo I took represented the bear and tiger who ate only mugwort and garlic for 100 days in order to be reincarnated as humans, as described in the Dangun myth.


Therefore, I can reassure you the myth that people know- where God from Big Dipper constellation, came to Earth, and married a woman from the Bear tribe - is actually a real history and truth that happened a long time ago.


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Now is the time for purification.(exorcism etc)

Now is the time for purification. It has become easy to see ghosts or any paranormal phenomena through internet broadcasting systems such as Youtube. Also, it has been much easier to capture (and record) them and also manipulate them better than the past.


Christ Michael